Strengthen the legs - exercises for the inner side of the thigh

Even people who regularly exercise, sometimescomplain that they can not pick up exercises for the inner side of the thigh and strengthen the muscles. The secret lies in the correct technique of performing each exercise.

In this case, this delicate and delicate part of the female legs can be tightened and at home, performing a set of exercises on the rug, or purchase a simulator for the inner surface of the thigh.

For classes suitable comfortable clothing (not a hoodie andnot too tight). Remember, after a workout, it is not recommended to eat for 2, but preferably 3 hours, especially sweet. During the lesson you can drink some water. In advance, prepare a container of ordinary water and put it side by side. Do not start training, immediately standing up from the table. It is necessary to wait at least an hour.

Begin exercises for the inner side of the thighalways necessary with heating and stretching. Stand upright, mash the toe of the feet, shake your hips like in oriental dance, make the torso bend forward, backward and sideways. Stand on your toes, stretch your arms up. Make head tilts and circular motions in one and the other direction. Look like the ribs of the feet, first on the inside, then on the outside. Feel how muscles stretch.

Standing straight, we hold our hands on the waist. The legs are set wide, but so as not to fall. We transfer the weight to one leg, squat as low as possible, then, without lifting, smoothly transfer the weight to the other leg and straighten. Approach: for each leg 10 times squats.

Seated position. Turn on your side, rest your hand on the floor, the second is free. Bend one leg in the knee and put in front of the other leg. Stretched foot, lying on the floor, do small swings up and down, not lifting too high and not touching the floor. Attention! We only pull the toe on ourselves, otherwise the muscles will work quite differently. Optimum approach: for each leg 20 times.

Setting the goal "how to remove the insidehip ", it is not necessary to exhaust yourself from the first exercise to the limit, then a week to lie with the aching muscles. Start small. You can not make 20 fouls with your foot, make 5-7. Divide the total number into several approaches. For example: make 4 sets of 5 machhes with small interruptions.

The next exercise for the inner thigh muscle,and at the same time for the lower press: lie on your back, bend your legs and lift them up. Now we spread our legs to the sides and reduce them back at a slow pace. Approach: at least 10 times.

Specialized simulators are also beingwhich you can do exercises for the inner side of the thigh. For example: "Faymaster." It represents two diluted in the sides of the plate, which must be compressed with knees bent in the prone position. A similar principle of action: a knee clamped between the legs of a ball or a thick book.

Simulator "Leg Magic". It allows to strengthen muscles, spreading and reducing legs in standing position. Hands can be supported by a special stand.

The main rule that applies to anymuscle groups and training at home or in the gym: more approaches when performing exercises with a small load - contribute to weight loss. A smaller number of approaches with a maximum load - contribute to muscle building.

You can strengthen the muscles of the thigh and in the gym at theforce simulator for the inner and outer thighs. Exercises are performed in the sitting position, the action is aimed at mixing (exercises for the inner side of the thigh) and dilution (for the outer) legs.

It is also possible to perform bench presses on the simulators. At the same time, we spread the legs widely, the socks apart, the heels inward.

Whatever you choose, regular exercise and proper nutrition will allow you to achieve the desired results as soon as possible. Forward to slender legs!

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