Parterre gymnastics gives life!

The effectiveness of treatment training on simulatorsit is impossible to challenge. However, any rehabilitation course can not do without parterre gymnastics, since exercises must develop all the muscles and joints in order to avoid triggering the mechanism of degenerative changes. Physical activity is the guarantee of health.

Method of rehabilitation - parterre gymnastics

Exercises on the floor are incredibly useful for peopleany age. The complex of parterre gymnastics is performed sitting, lying down and even on its side. Thus, there is a reduction in any load on the joints. Exercises for each rehabilitation are selected according to the individual scheme. Some are suitable for active, others, on the contrary, passive.

Parterre gymnastics

Stages of therapeutic gymnastics:

  1. Exercise in dynamic mode. There is strengthening of muscle groups. The training time with the instructor is about 40 minutes.
  2. Stretching. Stretching should be done for 20 minutes.
  3. Meditation. Relaxation of muscle groups, immersion in one's inner world, strengthening of faith, elevation of spirit is the final stage of each lesson. Duration - not less than 5 minutes.

The effect of recovery

During training, allgroup of muscles. The dynamic part is capable of providing aerobic load. Classes significantly increase the mobility of all joints, the elasticity of ligaments is restored. At the stretch stage, you need to breathe properly to improve performance. Exercise is important to perform at a slow speed. The circulation of the musculoskeletal system and all organs begins to occur in the correct mode. The emphasis of the coach makes on the development and strengthening of the muscles of the press - the welfare of internal organs largely depends on their strength. Training maximally contribute to the protection of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys.

parterre exercises

Simulators do not allow the muscles to develop wellabdominals, so exercise on the floor - this is the right approach. Parterre gymnastics stimulates the work of the cardiovascular system of the body, restores proper breathing. Good coordination abilities are also the merit of the developers of the complex.

Parterre gymnastics for children

Specially for babies the system is developed,consisting of certain loads, movements - this is parterre gymnastics. Exercises are required to be performed in different positions and positions, but everything should only happen on the floor.

Parterre gymnastics for children

Thanks to the whole complex in a clearthe children strive to strengthen the support systems, they can eliminate the shortcomings of the physical plan, they have the elasticity and strength of all the muscles in the body. Exercises allow you to prepare as much as possible for further choreography lessons. Given the age and initial data, the child's body is generally strengthened.

Exercises and results

Parterre gymnastics allows you to identify physicalThe data that nature has awarded to kids. Important indicators are turnout and lifting of the feet, flexibility and coordination of the body. These data develop with the constant and correct execution of each exercise.

parterre exercises

The technique consists of 19 movements thatare divided into 3 stages. The first stage is an easy warm-up that can prepare the body for more complex loads of the second part: exercise on the floor. The main emphasis is on the foot, the development of the lumbar spine. Babies are taught the basics of ballet. This kind of dance contributes to a beautiful posture, always the correct position of the body. Relaxation is the final part of the complex. Exercises are often performed under quiet classical music, so as to feel the load as much as possible and to track the correctness of the repetition for the teacher. Another significant plus is the development of hearing, rhythm.

Dancers and teachers using the ground floorgymnastics maintain a physical form. The pupils of this method are children from the age of 4 years. At such a young age, ligaments and muscles are the most suitable for starting the strengthening exercises. Each choreographer can train in his own way - some follow a clearly established sequence, others like to combine, combine exercises.

Duty of students

After a few lessons, the kids should be able tocorrectly perform the exercises of all stages, and after completing the complex within a few seconds to regain breath. In addition, information about the theory and benefits of parterre gymnastics should be correctly explained to students. Children and adolescents should clearly understand all the positive aspects obtained during the classes. The benefits of it are great and undeniable. Even during periods of weakening of the body or colds, the complex should not be neglected. Parterre gymnastics should become a part of life for all people.

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