Jochen Rindt - Austrian sportscar driver: biography, personal life, accident

The sports sky has lit a lot of stars aroundthe world. Some have come a long way, others have not had time to break out, have completed their flight ... But their impetuosity and talent are still remembered with admiration and warmth. It was to this category of celebrities that Jochen Rindt, the legendary racing driver of Formula 1, belonged. How did it all start and what turn was it fatal for him?

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Difficult childhood

Today is unlikely to find a fan of "Formula 1",who would not have heard this name - Jochen Rindt. His biography begins on April 18, 1942 in the beautiful city of Mainz (Germany). Careful parents, a friendly, strong family and a promising future - what else could one desire? However, the tale ended, as soon as Jochenu was one year old. As a result of military bombings, his parents were killed, and the boy had to move to his grandparents on the maternal line in Graz (Austria).

Time passed, Jochenu's life here seemed boring andunpromising. In a private school, where he studied, there were constant problems. The guy lagged behind in studies, he was attracted by the speed and thrill. Saved on pocket money, he at 17 bought his first motorcycle and drove it before the official receipt of rights. The accidental attack on the teacher led to the arrest and expulsion of Jochen from the college. He regarded this as a sign to move further in the other direction. Therefore, the young man with a calm heart threw everything and went to England.

Becoming a Racer

When Rindt turned 22, he bought"Brabham" for 4 thousand pounds and began to try their hand at the "Formula-2" among professionals. What was the surprise of the experts when the young racing driver outscored champion Graham Hill! The next day, the whole of Britain started talking about a rising star.

However, hardly having subdued "Формулу-2", Йохен РиндтI thought about higher goals. His ambitions and talent, of course, required more speed and new heights, so he soon received a prize contract in Formula One.

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New level

At the beginning of his career, an Austrian sportscar driverwon the love of the public due to his masterful aerobatics, sense of humor and personal charm. Only his racing cars lagged behind. However, work in the team of engineer Colin Chapman in many ways solved this problem. Although it is impossible not to note the paradoxical nature of this union. Jochen Rindt pursued only high speed. It was alien to him to constantly check the aerodynamics and subtlety of the settings. Of course, this disdain irritated Chapman, but the pilot had an obvious talent. It was simply unthinkable to let the star out of the team.

Designed specifically for Jochen"Lotus-72" became the most powerful car for the young rider and entered the history of "Formula 1". It was on it that Rindt won four Grand Prix of Great Britain, France, Germany and Holland. The Italian Grand Prix proved fatal for the Austrian pilot.

Personal qualities

According to contemporaries, Jochen had literallyall the set of qualities required by an absolute winner. He was fearless, able to deftly maneuver at corners, had a strategic mindset that helped him to make quick decisions, cheat and thus outrun his rivals. Jochen Rindt quickly grasped everything. Racing for him was a true passion, a source of self-expression. He did not chase money like many of his colleagues. Although the amount of participation and victories were rather big. Perhaps all this helped him to reach the highest level. But such a fast-paced nature did not always have a good transport. Even the legendary Lotus-72 could not fully satisfy his requests. His ambitions and pressure were stronger than technology.

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Jochen Rindt for his short but bright careerreached the heights to which many other talented racing drivers went for a long time, overcoming various difficulties. For six years of professional sports, he won six personal victories, 10 times occupied pole positions, earned 109 points and became a one-time world champion.

Personal life

On the success the personal life did not lag behindcareer of Jochen. Being already a star of "Formula-2", he married the Finnish model and the daughter of the famous racer Kurt Lincoln - Nina. Soon they had a beautiful daughter Natasha. The family openly demonstrated their love and harmony. Nina accompanied her husband literally at all races: test and official.

For some time the perspective model remained inshadow of the glory of her husband. While Jochen Rindt was shining on the winner's podium, his wife was engaged in the arrangement of the house, the upbringing of the child and insisted on ending the career of the racing driver. She did not approve of this speed and desperation of her husband and asked to be more responsible towards the family. The Italian Grand Prix was to be the final competition in the career of Jochen.

After the tragedy, Ninamale responsibilities. She rarely gave interviews to the press, especially if the topic concerned the death of her husband. However, a subtle flair and a sense of style still brought her fame, turning it into a real style icon.

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It is difficult to imagine what heights with their talentcould reach Jochen Rindt. The accident ended his life. This accident is still for professional racers an example of that any risk and excessive thirst for victory have their price.

It happened on September 5, 1970 during thetraining races before the Grand Prix in Italy, at the circuit of the city of Monza. Jochen slightly lagged behind his rivals on the "Ferrari" - Jacqui Iks and Clay Regazzoni, so I was looking for a way to recoup the previous stages of "Formula 1". Rindt took the risk and persuaded the engineers from his team to remove the wing from the "Lotus", in order to reduce the air resistance and win an additional few seconds of time. The calculation was accurate for Jochen, although engineers were wary of this idea.

The race started, everything went fine. However, at the last turn of the parabolic form ("Parabolic") on the braking of the "Lotus", Jochin plucked from the trajectory and incurred to the barrier fence. The collision was inevitable, the car flew apart. The Austrian driver was immediately evacuated from the car and taken to the hospital. But he was already dead. As it turned out, the safety belt at maneuvers and collision cut Rindt's throat.

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Interesting Facts

  • Team Colin Chapman included riders only from the UK. Jochen Rindt became the first Austrian in its composition.
  • In 1970, the first race of "Formula 1" did not bringJochenu points. To increase his chances of leadership, he went on a trick. His main rival was Jack Brabham. The race was in Monte Carlo. Almost before the finish, Jochen caught up with him and made him make a mistake at the turn, which he won. Jack hit the barrier and finished 20 seconds later.
  • Jochen Rindt has never used a safety belt, believing that he prevents pilots. However, on the fateful day, he first did otherwise, which was one of the reasons for his death.
  • Jochen had two close friend-racer - BruceMcLaren and Pierce Caridge. Both with a difference of three weeks died in the test races a few months before the death of Rindt. Despite such loss and foreshadowing, the Austrian driver still decided to continue his participation in the "Formula-1". As Jochen himself said, he did not know how much he had left, he only tried his best.
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  • The Austrian idol was Wolfgang von Trips - an outstanding driver, a pilot of "Ferrari". Coincidence or not, but Jochen Rindt died at the same turn that Trips did nine years earlier.
  • Jochen became the first racing driver, who received the world champion award posthumously. The trophy was given to his widow - Nina Rindt.
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