What is a motorcycle turtle protective?

Modern sports motorcycles are capable ofto develop a speed of about 200 km / h. Therefore, to protect themselves while driving on similar models, drivers need reliable equipment. To make minor injuries when falling at an impressive speed will allow a good protective jacket-turtle.


turtle protective
An ordinary motorcycle jacket is capable ofProtect the rider only with minor falls. At the same time, the turtle protective at times increases the level of safety of the rider and makes it possible to cope with the most stringent conditions. It consists of the following items:

  • shoulder pads;
  • the lining of the forearm;
  • breast protection;
  • lining on the back;
  • neck protection.

The above elements are interconnectedhigh-strength mesh material, which is also responsible for ventilation. However, today, motorcyclists also have a protective turtle, where all components are connected together by belts and fasteners.

Models for motocross

protective turtle fox
The main feature of this categoryLightweight construction. A turtle protective for the cross protects perfectly when sliding over the surface, but is poorly designed for point impacts.

To increase the chances of winning races, ridersrequires the most convenient and practical equipment, which does not constrain movements. Therefore, a turtle protective for motocross is most often just a lining on the chest and back.

Road models

protective turtle jacket
Protective turtle jacket for the city givesthe ability to reduce damage when striking in cases of sharp falls or prolonged slip on the asphalt. The main constructive feature of this equipment is the presence of special soft inserts, which are located under the shields. In budget products this role is played by cotton wool, in expensive products - titanium or aluminum honeycomb.

Equipment for the city has ventilation in the form of a monolithic mesh frame. There is a system of fasteners and fasteners, which can reliably fix such armor on the body.

Among road models, special demand amongriders are protected by the protective turtle Fox, Speed ​​and Strength, Armor and Neverland. It is under these brands that the most affordable prices, lightweight products are produced.

What should I focus on when choosing a motorcycle rake?

There are a number of parameters that deserve special attention when buying motorcycle protective gear:

  1. The lining on the shoulders should be quite massive, which will provide additional protection for the neck and collarbones.
  2. It is desirable that the protection elements of the forearms end where the elbow pads begin. The optimal option - fixing the flaps with belt fasteners criss-cross.
  3. For breasts it is recommended to select a monolithicarmor, which is extremely tight against the body. By the same principle, you should choose the back pads. It is better to give preference to armor, which contains the most sturdy fasteners, made of reliable materials.

Price issue

turtle protective vega
What time does the motorcycle rider cost a turtle?Protective Vega, other models from reputable manufacturers? The cost of such equipment depends on several factors, in particular: the material of the production of protective plates, the size, the way of fixing on the body of the rider and the nature of the connection of the structural elements.

The cost of medium-level hoes, whichare quite capable of satisfying the demands of novice bikers, ranging from 4000 to 7000 rubles. Models for riders of professionals with an increased level of protection are estimated in the domestic market at 14-15 thousand rubles or more.


To summarize, it is worth noting that the hoecan be absolutely useless in the absence of the same helmet. Therefore, novice bikers should think about selecting a whole complex of body protection products.

Picking up the hoe, I need to once again assess the reliability of all structural elements, check how tight the protection sits and fixes on the body.

In this case, the price directly refers to the qualitygoods. Naturally, it is much easier to purchase cheap plastic pads, which only visually create the impression of protection. However, treatment in the event of a fall from a motorcycle can be much more expensive than buying a really high-quality outfit.

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