Four-cycle boat motors "Mikatsu": reviews

Korean company "Mikatsu" to many peopleis known for its boat engines. If we consider specifically four-cycle models, they are distinguished by high productivity. The transom height of such models is on average 420 mm. Total pushers used in the construction of not more than three. If we talk about features, then we can distinguish the presence of backstops.

Additionally, manufacturers make four-strokeengines with a fairly high-quality fuel system. However, there are also disadvantages of such modifications. In order to understand this issue in more detail, it is best to consider the most popular models, and in parallel with the characteristics to find out real consumer feedback.

outboard motors mikatsu reviews

Overview of the model "Mikatsu M3" (9.9 hp)

This boat motor "Mikatsu" (9.9) The reviews are good. Many buyers prefer this model for its performance. The engine overheats in this case very slowly. However, it should be borne in mind that the fuel consumption is quite high. The vertical shaft of the presented specimen is 13 mm in diameter. Also note that the rear gears are made of a special aluminum alloy.

If you believe the reviews of consumers, they are erasedthey are slow. The driving shaft of this boat motor is fixed securely. Skeg in this case is installed under a rowing pallet. Special attention in the presented model deserves a qualitative cooling system. In total, this model provides the manufacturer with six fences. According to the owners, they can be cleaned without too much effort. It stands to date, this boat motor about 152 thousand rubles.

boat motor mikatsu 9 9 reviews

Reviews of the motor "Mikatsu M2" (3.5 hp)

This boat motor "Mikatsu" (3.5) reviews deserve positive. This model is primarily interesting due to the use of a high-frequency reducer. The engine in this case is mounted on a sturdy pallet. Its thickness is equal to as much as 12 mm. The driving gear in the presented copy is fixed on the central shaft. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then in frequent lubrication it does not need. It should also be noted that the gearbox box is removed quite simply. Thus, if necessary, it can be easily inspected. More reviews about boat motors "Mikatsu" (3.5 hp) are associated with a quality tiller.

Of the disadvantages, it is important to mention the low frequencyof the central rod. For a minute maximum, it is capable of making about 3100 revolutions. At this time, similar modifications have this parameter at the level of 4300 revolutions. This happened due to the fact that the central shaft in the presented configuration is quite massive. Loads it can withstand large, but its parameters are small. It will cost in our time this boat engine to the buyer for about 130 thousand rubles.

Features modification "Mikatsu M5"

These boat motors "Hyundai Mitsatsu" reviewsoften get a high-quality water pump. Thus, the pumping out occurs very quickly. The impeller of the specimen is quadrangular. The front gear of the engine is fixed to a special bushing. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then it is erased very slowly. Also, the owners praise this model for a rather large anti-cavitation plate. It is fixed in this case over the propeller shaft. The reducer is protected by a special casing. It is worth this model in the store about 140 thousand rubles.

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Consumer feedback on the "Mikatsu M9"

Reviews of boat motors "Mikatsu" (5 ls.) there are a wide variety. Some of this model is chosen because of the quality of the deadwood. It is installed in this case on a small pallet. In this case, the clamp in the presented model is available. A carburettor deserves special attention from the boat engine. There are only three valves in it. Ultimate pressure they are able to withstand a large. It should also be noted that if necessary, it is removed without problems. In this case, the rocker is located at the top of the motor.

If you believe the reviews of consumers, then inmaintenance it is quite simple. Anticavitation plate in the indicated model is available. It is installed above the anode and does not touch the reverse gear. According to buyers, this model is very economical in fuel consumption. For an hour the engine consumes no more than 1.3 liters of gasoline. This motor is worth about 146 thousand rubles.

boat four-stroke motor mikatsu reviews

What do they say about "Mikatsu M15"?

This boat four-stroke engine "Mikatsu" (5 liters)c) the reviews are very diverse. The presented configuration in our time is in demand because of the quality reducer. It is installed as standard in a protective casing and is not afraid of high humidity. The central stem in this case is exactly 120 mm in diameter. The reverse gear of this boat motor is located near the anode.

Due to this, if necessary, it can be easilyto disconnect. The wear of the valves at the presented unit is very small. In general, the carburetor is installed high-quality and breaks quite rarely. However, these boat motors "Mikatsu" reviews have negative. Of the minuses, consumers generally note the absence of a reverse gear. Thus, managing a boat engine is sometimes difficult. It will cost him in a shop for 155 thousand rubles.

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A new modification of the "Mikatsu M18"

This boat four-stroke engine "Mikatsu"reviews often receive due to the high quality of deadwood. Also, a new model among other devices is distinguished by the presence of a new-generation gearbox. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then failures occur quite rarely. In this case, the vertical shaft of the boat engine is made of a special aluminum alloy. The reverse gear of this load model is able to withstand large ones.

It should also be noted that the impellerThe presented unit is installed cast. The anode in this boat motor is located above the anti-cavitation plate. Deadwood is standard, and the setup is very simple. If you believe the reviews of consumers, the fuel consumption of the presented unit is insignificant. According to the documentation, an average of about 1.3 liters of gasoline is spent per hour of use. It costs this boat motor to date about 120 thousand rubles.

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Opinion about the model "Mikatsu M20"

These boat motors "Mikatsu" reviews havepositive and first of all stand out with their deadwood. It is installed in the presented model of the automatic type. All this suggests that it is possible to configure it quite simply. Thus the central rod is removed without superfluous efforts. In this case, you can detach the crankshaft yourself.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that thisThe configuration has a high-quality fuel system. Valves in this case are installed copper, and they are located above the carburetor in a horizontal order. Due to this, purging them occurs more qualitatively. It is worth this motor in the store about 160 thousand rubles.

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Opinions about "Mikatsu M30"

These boat motors "Mikatsu" reviews have the mostvarious, but many buyers choose this model for the convenience of management. In this case, the tiller is fixed quite firmly. Also note that it has an extensive rubber gasket. Thus, to regulate the provisions of deadwood is not difficult even for a beginner. The fuel system deserves special attention in the presented unit. Valves in this case are capable of withstanding a pressure of not more than 5 bar. The reversing gear of this model is installed just above the plate. If necessary, it is removed very quickly. It should also be noted that the boat motors "Mikatsu" reviews deserve good because of the quality of the backstop.

Even in the model there is a special spring, whichHolds the vertical shaft. The propeller at the presented copy by the manufacturer is provided by plastic. The water pump at this boat motor is located above the impeller. If you believe the feedback of buyers, then the reducer breaks only if it is incorrectly lubricated. It is worth this configuration is about 180 thousand rubles.

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