Anzor Boltukaev: uneasy career of Chechen freestyle wrestler

A. Boltukaev is considered one of the strongest freestyle wrestlers in the category up to 97 kg. On his account, the bronze of the World Cup, a victory at the European Championship. Withstanding difficult competition with the strongest fighters of the heavy weight category, he did not have the opportunity to compete often in major competitions, but in 2016 managed to break into the final tournament of the Olympic Games in Rio, where he lost in the early stages.

Tightening start

Anzor Adamovich Boltukaev was born in 1986 in the city of Grozny. Childhood of the boy coincided with a difficult period in the life of the Chechen Republic, in the conditions of military operations it was not up to the sport.

Boltukaev Anzor
However, like all the North Caucasian guys, he adored the struggle and spent hours at the gym.

Anzor Boltukaev is of that typeathletes, which later reveal their talents. At the 2006 Junior World Championships, the twenty-year-old athlete took only sixth place and seemed unpromising for many specialists. However, for a couple of years the Chechen wrestler made a qualitative leap in his development and managed to take a bronze medal at the 2008 Russian championship.

Then, the truth, the recession of results has followed. You can note only the constant hit in the prizes at the prestigious tournament "Ramzan Kadyrov Cup." I must say that the competition in weight up to 97 kg in the Russian national wrestling team was especially acute. An athlete from Grozny was compelled to compete with the Olympic champion of Athens Khadzhimurat Gatsalov, a strong fighter Abdusalam Gadisov. In the shadow of these big guys it was hard to make themselves known.


Anzor Boltukaev vividly reminded of himself only in 2013. He scored an excellent form, acted abruptly and conducted a reception after reception.

Especially responsible tournament for him was the Russian championship in 2013, because the results of the competition determined the composition of the national team for the trip to the World Cup.

The favorites were unconditional leaders - KhadzhimuratGatsalov and Abdusalam Gadisov, however, Anzor emerged from the shadow of the legendary athletes and without the slightest respect to the authorities confidently figured out with both on his way to gold.

Becoming the champion of the country, the Chechen wrestler receivedthe right to participate in the World Championships in Hungary. Here he was caught by an unpleasant trauma. Anzor stretched out his groin and could not act in the same vein as in the Russian championship. Nevertheless, he did not leave Budapest without a medal, becoming the bronze medalist of the world championship.

Second campaign for titles

Almost two years Anzor Boltukaev was being restoredafter an unpleasant injury and could not show worthy results. However, in 2016 he was able to remind specialists and fans about his existence.

At the Grand Prix named after Ivan Yarygin, the lot brought himwith the most formidable fighters: I had to grasp with Americans Jack Warner and Kyle Snyder, who owned Olympic and world titles. But the Chechen wrestler acted with inspiration, was aggressive and dominated on the carpet, defeating both formidable rivals.

After that, he went to the European championship in 2016 in the status of one of the main favorites.

Boltukaev Anzor Adamovich
The main competitors were the Olympic champion Sharip Sharipov, the prize-winner of the London games Valery Andrejtsev, the Georgian Elizbar Odikadze.

Having reached the finals, Anzor Boltukaev met with Valery Andreytsev, who was able to overcome in an equal and stubborn struggle, becoming the first time in life the champion of Europe.

A special importance for him was the nationalthe championship of that year, because only having won this tournament, the sportsman got a chance to go to the Olympic Games. Very bright, but unstable fighter acted confidently and in the finals for one minute defeated the titled Khadzhimurat Gatsalov, who had on his account the gold of the Olympics and five wins at the world championships.

The First Olympics

At the Olympics in 2016 Anzor Boltukaevwas ranked among the main favorites of the tournament and was in excellent shape. However, the readiness of another strong fighter was better. Already at the stage of the 1/8 finals the Chechen wrestler met with the Olympic prize-winner Valery Andreytsev. Anzor already beat him in previous tournaments, but that evening the Ukrainian athlete was stronger and knocked out the Russian from the competition.

The last major tournament today for Boltukaev was the European Championship in 2017 in Serbia. He went to the tournament not in the best shape, but due to the nature and experience he managed to reach the final.

Chechen wrestler
Here he was awaited by a new trouble - a rupturemeniscus. To fight with a serious knee injury is quite difficult, but he courageously tried to work to the end and withstood the whole battle, giving way to the Turk of Rize Yildirim.

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