From whom Elena Isinbayeva is pregnant - truth and speculation

Last August, Lena Isinbayeva becamethe gold medalist in the world championship in track and field athletics. After that, she announced that she was going to take a short break and give birth to her first child. And immediately in the press there were publications with headlines: "From whom is Elena Isinbayeva pregnant? Who is the father of her baby?" However, the athlete then did not want to disclose the name of her lover and the father of her unborn child.

from whom Elena Isinbayeva is pregnant

Rumors of Isinbayeva's pregnancy

It turns out, at a time when it spreadrumor about the "interesting" position of the famous athlete from Volgograd, she was not yet pregnant. Elena simply decided that it was time to start a family and have a baby, and a sports career could wait. By the way, Elena assumes that after the birth of the baby she will be able to quickly get in shape and take part in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

But the rumors were nevertheless groundless, and soonafter winning the championship, her relatives already knew for sure that Isinbayeva Elena was pregnant. The time was still very short, but the sportswoman and her lover were happy. During this period, she did not want to share with media representatives information about who the father of her child is. But the paparazzi were able to find out everything, and soon everyone knew from whom Elena Isinbayeva was pregnant.

Isinbayeva Elena is pregnant. Term

So who is the father?

In June 2014, according to doctors, LenaIsinbayeva will become a mother, but her boyfriend is not in a hurry to call her to the crown. The future mother is not too worried about this. After all, she is completely confident in the feelings of her young man. By the way, he is a twenty-three-year-old sportsman, a master of sports in javelin throwing, also from Volgograd, Nikita Petinov.

Their acquaintance took place in their native city. Despite the difference in eight years (Elena is older than Nikita), a spark has run through the young people. Later, the athlete returned to Monaco, where she lives almost all free from training time, and their communication continued on the Internet. And when she came to training in Volgograd, then their relationship became more intimate. After everyone knew that Elena Isinbayeva was pregnant, her mother asked neighbors about the future son-in-law that he was very sympathetic to her and would be a wonderful husband for her daughter and a good father for her future grandchildren.

Elena Isinbayeva is pregnant,

Who are the parents of Lena Isinbayeva?

The legendary sportswoman comes from a hero cityVolgograd. She was born in early June 1982. A year later, Elena Inessa's sister appeared in the family. Her father, Haji Isinbayev, is from the Dagestan small village of Chuvek, and her mother, Natalya Petrovna, is a native Volgograd. Mother Elena once was seriously fond of basketball and even studied at the Physical Education Academy of the city of Volgograd. There many years later Lena entered and, having graduated from it, she received a specialization "physical education teacher".

The girls grew up in modest conditions, did not seeno extravagances, worked hard at sports. The eldest, Lena, first went to the gymnastics section, and when she abruptly stretched out in growth, she was transferred to track and field athletics.

Sports career

When Elena Isinbayeva came to the jumping sectionwith the sixth, she was already 15 years old - quite a serious age for the beginning of a career jumper. However, coach Evgeni Trofimov decided to take her to his apprentices and was not mistaken.

The first victory and the gold medal were at the Worldyouth games, which took place in 1999 in Moscow. The athlete took a height of 4 m 10 cm. This victory was followed by others. However, the most significant for her sports career were the competitions in London in 2005. Then she swung the five-meter high and easily took it, setting a new world record. Three years later, at the Olympics in China, she set another record - 5 m 5 cm - and took the first step of the pedestal. But performances at the London Games in 2012 did not bring anything good to Isinbayeva. And in August 2013 in Moscow at the world championship in track and field athletics Lena was rehabilitated and won a gold medal.

It was then, at the peak of popularity, she reported,that he is going to pause for a while, rest and prepare for the birth of the child. But the journalists then failed to find out from whom Elena Isinbayeva is pregnant. And in general during this period, she was just about to get pregnant, although some media have already trumpeted the news about the future child of the sportswoman as a given and even offered specialists to comment on whether Elena did him harm by taking part in the world championship.

Is Elena Isinbayeva ready to become a mother?

photo of pregnant Elena Isinbayeva

The famous athlete today is 32 years old, and she,like any Caucasian woman, dreams of a strong family and a child. After she learned about her interesting situation, despite the ban on her young man, she could not hide her joy and shared news with reporters. However, on the question of who Elena Isinbayeva is pregnant with, she decided not to answer.

But the paparazzi still held a journalisticinvestigation and learned the name of the alleged father. The athlete demonstrates his rounded tummy with might and main, and talks about his feelings. Many prints have already posted photos of pregnant Elena Isinbayeva on their pages. Her baby, according to doctors' forecasts, will be born in early summer this year.

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