Alexander Kharlamov is the son of a great hockey player

Children of famous people are always in the shadow of theirgreat parents. And very often they suffer because they are looked at through the prism of the mother or father. Although thanks to star parents, it is much easier for such children to build their own lives and be at the center of attention of secular society.

This can be said about Alexander Kharlamov. Such brilliant sportsmen as Valery Kharlamov are born once in a hundred years, and it would be very difficult for his son to outshine his father. Nevertheless, Alexander is not only the bearer of the name, but also a talented enough person. So, Alexander Kharlamov, who is he - a hockey player, a hockey manager or a film producer?

Alexander's childhood

Little Sasha Kharlamov was born in 1975,exactly one year before the parents' wedding. Children's years were quite difficult. Already in six years he loses both parents who died in a car crash, and is brought up by the grandmother on my mother's line.

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Friends and teammates of his father took patronage overthen still quite young Alexander. They not only helped Sasha not to forget his legendary father, whom he saw quite rarely because of the specific life of the athlete, but also instilled a love for hockey and the club, for which his father acted, - CSKA. And although Alexander Kharlamov became a good hockey player, he was always in the shadow of the glory of the famous father.

Hockey career

Hockey career is quite short. Alexander Kharlamov held his first match for CSKA in the season 1992-1993, and played 42 games and scored eight goals. In total, the career of the hockey player lasted eleven seasons. During this time he managed to play not only in Russia.

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Alexander Kharlamov, whose biography is not describedas detailed as his father, managed to play several seasons in Canada, true, in the lower leagues. Then, after returning to his homeland, Alexander Kharlamov will play several seasons in domestic hockey and finish the career of a hockey player.

The secular life and work of the former sportsman

In the future, he will not give up his favorite sportand will continue to work in various sports organizations engaged in hockey. At present, Alexander is deputy sports director of HC CSKA. All this time he leads an active social life, popularizing his favorite game.

alexandra harlamov

In 2008, the first film about his father was filmedAlexandra - "Additional time". And five years later Alexander makes an attempt to produce the film "Legend 17" and even starred in one small role in it.

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