Scott Parker - the legend of "Charlton"

Scott Parker is the legend of the English club"Charlton," of which he is a pupil. However, Parker managed to play far not only in this club, but in many others, although he is British to the bone and never in his career has not moved to a club that would compete in the championship of another country. But what did Scott Parker show in his career?

"Charlton" finds a legend

Scott Parker

Scott Parker was in the system of the club "Charlton"when he was only ten years old. He was in favor of the youth squads of this team, until he was offered a professional contract at the age of 18. However, unfortunately, it was only a paper, but in reality Parker was not given practically any opportunities for implementation. Who would have thought that in a club that was not even in the top flight, would it be such a talent? However, the ability of the central midfielder was still noticed, so after four years of extremely rare appearances in the starting lineup Parker was leased to Norwich, so that young talent could get a game practice. Naturally, there he immediately became entrenched in the basis and spent six matches, scoring one goal - in one month about the same as in "Charlton" for the first two years. But in December 2000, the lease agreement was terminated, as the captain of the "Charlton" was injured, and Parker was given the opportunity to replace him. Scott immediately went into the game, and struck everyone with his talent so much that when the captain recovered from injury, he lost his place in the starting lineup. So Scott Parker began to speak for "Charlton" on an ongoing basis, winning an impressive reputation throughout the UK. After renting to Norwich, Parker spent two and a half shiny years at the Charlton, as a result of which he was interested in top clubs in Europe, but Parker chose the UK, so in the winter of 2004, the 24-year-old midfielder moved to London Chelsea. The only thing that Parker achieved with his native club is the entrance to the Premier League in 2000. In Chelsea, he was supposedly expected to make great achievements.

Lack of practice

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However, unfortunately, the genius of "Charlton" wasfar from that in Chelsea. In his home club, Parker Scott played in 145 games, scoring 11 goals. And in "Chelsea" for a year and a half he appeared on the field only 28 times, striking the opponent's gate only once. Of course, in 2005 Parker added to his meager collection of trophies the League Cup, but quickly realized that it was more important for him to play, and not sit on a bench in a club with a big name. Therefore, Chelsea, who bought the player for 14 million euros, sold it cheaper (for nine million) to Newcastle - again, Parker Scott never left the Foggy Albion.

Rise again

After wasted almost two years in"Chelsea" in front of Parker had a serious task - to return to the previous level. And he did it just fine - he immediately fit into the structure of "Newcastle". Of course, you can pay attention to many of the indicators that are attributed to such a player as Scott Parker - rating, statistics and so on. However, six goals scored in 73 games - this is not the most important for the central midfielder. Parker showed how incredible selection in the destruction, and the beautiful passes and the vision of the field in the creation. And in many respects thanks to his magnificent game in 2006, "Newcastle" was able to win the third most important trophy in Europe - the Intertoto Cup (which now does not exist anymore). As a result, in 2007 for 27-year-old player another English club, "West Ham", paid almost ten million euros - and there Parker already settled for a long time.

Playing for West Ham

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Scott Parker, whose biography is not as saturatedoutstanding achievements, demonstrated at the same time an extremely outstanding football. Surprisingly, in his first season for West Ham he could not firmly gain a foothold in the base - but then quite successfully played the role of a key player. As a result, he played very fewer matches for this club than for his native "Charlton" - 129. But in 2011 Parker made another attempt to go on promotion - this time a 31-year-old player became interested in "Tottenham", who paid for him about six million euros.

Performances for Tottenham Hotspur

Scott Parker Biography

This time, unlike the case with Chelsea,Parker was able to gain a foothold in the basis of "Tottenham" and played for this club for two years in 63 games. But he himself knew very well that at 33 years of his speed were already far from those, so in 2013 he accepted an offer from the less top club "Fulham", for which he stands to this day. Parker will soon be 36 years old, but Fulham is not going to part with his age leader - in May this year his contract was extended for another year.

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