How to lose weight in 2 days? We answer

Every woman in this world wants to be beautifuland slender, but what if you tried all the diets and nothing helped you? What if you fly to Spain in a few days, and you never managed to bring your body in order? There is an exit!

If you absolutely do not know how to lose weight for 2day, then you should not worry. There are many ways to lose weight over such a period. Why two? On the first day you prepare your body for burning calories, and in the second you burn them.

During a sharp slimming body uses its reserve forces and capabilities, so you can get sick or lose consciousness from overload, so think about it before making such a decision.

Another great American nutritionist Paul Braggwrote about the incredible possibilities of starvation, about how people were incredibly transformed and cured of various diseases. Side effect of starvation was weight loss. So, what is this method? You need to drink only pure distilled water for 2 days, forget about the rest. In day it is necessary to drink 2-3 liters of pure distilled water, and also to be engaged in physical activities, only so you can really learn how to lose weight in 2 days.

Dizziness and weakness appear only through3-4 days after the onset of fasting, so you will have two days to go in for sports. What kind of sport to do - depends on your abilities, the best option is, the final, swimming. Such a diet for 2 days will bring you a lot of inconvenience, but still the result will be.

Wake up in the morning, drink some water, cheer up andyou can go to the pool for two sessions. Forget about swimming on your back! You came to the pool not to rest, but to work on your body. Your plan for one lesson is a minimum of 400-600 meters, and you should not swim on your back, but with a crawl. Krol is the fastest and most effective style of swimming for improving the figure, it involves absolutely all the muscles of your body, and they work in a very intensive mode. When swimming with a crawl, you will train your legs, make your back smooth and smooth, and your stomach will become flat.

But what if you do not know how to swim? Your way out is running. After all, how to lose weight in 2 days for 5 kg, if you do not make an effort? Here you will not have excuses, since in any gym there are racetracks with different speeds. You will have to run a lot, at least 4 kilometers, but it's worth it. You do not need to run fast, run as fast as you can, for you the main thing is distance and load maintenance. The point is that after you run your rate, the body starts burning calories and fat in intensive mode, so you need to run 4 or more kilometers.

If you want to go in for sports in the evening,you are welcome! Buy a hoop or rope and do it in the evening when you have a rest. Moreover, the hoop makes the waist narrow, and the skipping rope is used by famous athletes for the development of endurance. Do not think continuously about how to lose weight in 2 days, try to direct all your thoughts to concentration of strength.

Do not forget to take the water for training, your body will intensively get rid of fat, and water will be very welcome.

On the second day the plan is similar, but remember thatafter the first day you will most likely have muscle aches. It will be harder for you to fulfill the plan, but since you have started this work, you need to finish it. On the second day, you burn more calories than the first, because the body will receive more exercise.

On the third day, do not rush to eat fried chicken withmayonnaise and pasta, you do not want to regain your lost pounds? You need to eat in small portions and lean on vegetables and fruits. Now you will know exactly how to lose weight in 2 days.

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