"Sport City" (Rostov-on-Don) - one of the best fitness clubs in the city

Over the past few years, sport has become veryis popular in Russia, which is why the fitness club networks have received a serious push to develop. This led to the emergence of including "Sport City" in Rostov-on-Don.

General description of the network

Network of fitness clubs "Sport City" (Rostov-on-Don)was founded in 2003. Since that moment, it has expanded considerably and now consists of four clubs, one of which was created specifically for women, as well as a yoga studio. All institutions are equipped with the latest technology and in addition to gyms, there are also areas for group classes, as well as swimming pools. "Sport City" (Rostov-on-Don) is open for everyone who likes to do fitness and wants to see his body strong, tight and slender.

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Clubs in Rostov

At the moment, the network of fitness clubs Sport City (Rostov-on-Don) includes the following institutions:

  • club "Severny";
  • club on Selmash, created and equipped for women;
  • club "Temernik", which is located on the third floor of the hotel of the same name;
  • club "Novocherkassk";
  • a yoga studio with a spa.

And this means that in any district of Rostov you canfind a club that will have a convenient location. Each of them will be pleased with a modern cozy interior and competent service personnel. For the children there is a comfortable and well equipped children's room with professional trainers and animators.


sport of Rostov on Don
Each fitness club "Sport City" (Rostov-on-Don)is equipped with the best simulators for both power and cardio. Only the equipment of the best world manufacturers, such as Vasil, Prof Line and many others is used. "Sport City" (Rostov-on-Don) boasts really high-quality sports equipment, because it is selected by the best specialists in this field.

In the clubs of the network there are highly qualifiedcoaches who can help you achieve the ideal shape. They will select the optimal program, suitable for your purposes. And after a hard workout, you can always relax and unwind in a restaurant that works with every club. If you need to take a short break in the training process, then you can do this by going to the fitness bar, where you can drink coffee or a protein shake.

If you are not interested in exercising in the gymhall, at your service there is always a swimming pool and halls for group training. Those who enjoy martial arts, suitable for comfortable hall of martial arts.

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