Kevin Randleman. Monster with a human face

Kevin Randleman nicknamed Monster rememberedfans of mixed martial arts as a bright and ambitious fighter, capable of defeating any, even the most powerful enemy. His incredible physical form and tremendous fighting skills made him one of the most popular fighters of MMA on the planet.

Carier start

Kevin The Monster Randleman was born in the USA wherebegan to comprehend the elements of martial arts. He for a long time engaged in wrestling and achieved good results in it, speaking for the Ohio State University. Struggle has become an excellent base for its further development. He gave him a huge physical form, through which he received his nickname. It was also thanks to the fight that Kevin acquired an incredible explosive power, with which he repeatedly threw the strongest people of the planet to the ground.

Kevin Randleman

Started the future UFC star in the homeland of mixedmartial arts in Brazil. There, Kevin took part in the battles called Vale Tudo, which resemble modern MMA tournaments, but their rules are somewhat more severe, and the duel takes place on a hard wooden floor. He won several confident victories, but he did not manage to earn the championship title.


At the end of the last century, the battles of Vale Tudomoved to the United States of America, where they received the name UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship. Naturally, Kevin Randleman could not miss this event and returned to his homeland to take part in the battles. His first fight took place at UFC 19, after which he began to appear regularly in the cage, winning a bunch of fans with his incredible fighting skills. Hardly appeared in the UFC, Randleman defeated Maurice Smith - a daring kickboxer, who proved his strength in the battles against other eminent fighters. However, after that, Kevin could not beat the Ryuten Base in the battle for the title of champion of the UFC in the heavyweight division.

Kevin "the monster" Randleman

In 1999, the Monster acquired the same title,defeating Pete Williams. But the championship belt did not last long. Legend MMA Randy Couture took the title from Rendlman at UFC 28. After that, Kevin Randleman moved to the light heavyweight division, where he spent a couple more fights, after which his career in the UFC ended.


In 2002, the Monster began to develop newhunting grounds, starting performances at the Japanese tournament Pride. The beginning was successful - Kevin's rivals looked absolutely helpless, one by one he sent them to the floor, where he finished off with his huge arms. Many predicted Randleman's belt champion, but he stopped another fighter from America - Quinton Jackson. His knee blow destroyed the hopes of an ambitious fighter.

Kevin Randleman's disease

Despite an unfortunate defeat, Kevin continuedto perform and soon won a big victory over the star of MMA Mirko Filipovich, knocking him out. But then Randlmana was waiting for a meeting with the champion Pride in the heavyweight - Fedor Emelianenko. Initially, the fight looked absolutely equal, Kevin even managed to hold a beautiful amplitude throw, but then the Last Emperor took the situation under control and held a painful hand in hand. Kevin Randlman continued to perform in Japan, but he was waiting for a series of annoying defeats. Among them was a revenge with Mirko Filipovich, who managed to rehabilitate himself after the previous defeat, having won in the first round.

End of career

In 2005, Randleman managed to interrupt the sequencefailures, defeating Fatih Kocisis at the tournament in Rotterdam. However, after this, the life of a charismatic fighter went downhill. So the sunset of a star named Kevin Randleman began. The lung disease sent him to the hospital, where he underwent an operation that was successful and had to correct the situation. But during the preparation for the next battle, the illness again made itself felt. The athlete could not enter the ring, but did not give up hope of returning to the MMA. In 2006, Kevin again fought at the Pride tournament. He met with Mauricio Ryu, middleweight champion. Randlman could not defeat his titled opponent.

Kevin Randleman has died

After this, Kevin was waiting for a series of scandals withsports committee, because he passed someone else's urine on doping control. Because of this unpleasant incident, the fighter lost his professional license, which put an end to his performances for at least a year. Later, he admitted that he was using painkillers, trying to calm down the pain after the surgery. Then Randleman again got into the hospital because of kidney problems. On this the career of the great fighter was over, he no longer had a single fight.

The health problems of this cruelsport, pursued Kevin for the rest of his life. In 2015, Kevin Randleman died. He was hospitalized with suspicion of pneumonia and died right at the hospital. The cause is heart failure. Let the life of this bright man end, but he will forever remain in the memory of all lovers of MMA.

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