Goalkeeper Alexey Shevchenko

Alexey Shevchenko is a Ukrainian footballer, the goalkeeper of the Dynamo team (Kiev). Currently, he acts as a leased player in the club "Dila" (Georgia).

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Dossier of the football player

Shevchenko Aleksey Nikolayevich was born on February 241992 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Citizen of Ukraine. The game position on the football field is the goalkeeper. Height 188 cm. Weight 82 kg. Since 2013 he is a player of Dynamo Kyiv. Trophies and achievements there.

Statistics of speeches

As a goalkeeper from 2008 to 2015, Alexey Shevchenko played 17 fights in the Ukrainian and Georgian championships, conceded 28 goals.

  • 2011 - 2013 - "Metallurg" (Zaporozhye), 9/20;
  • 2013 - present time - Dynamo (Kiev), 0/0;
  • 2014 - "Hoverla" (Uzhhorod), 1/2;
  • 2014 - "Olympic" (Donetsk), 0/0;
  • 2015 - Torpedo (Kutaisi), 4/5;
  • 2015 - present time - Dila (Gori), 3/1.

Stages of football path

алексей шевченко goalkeeper

Alexey Shevchenko (photo above) learned the basicsgoalkeeper skills in the children's and youth school of the Olympic reserve club Inter (Dnepropetrovsk). Here the young goalkeeper was spotted by the breeders of the Zaporozhye Metallurgist. From 2011 to 2012, Alexey played for the Metallurg-2 team. During this time he played 46 fights.

His debut match for the main line-upZaporozhye club Alexei spent October 13, 2011 against FC Lviv. Slowly he began to increasingly leave the starting line-up of the team and played nine fights in the season of 2011/2012. But the club itself played in the championship of the country is very bad. The team was firmly in last place. Coaching "leapfrog" did not contribute to improving the tournament performance.

More and more conflicts began to occur in the club. After one of the conversations on high tones with the head coach Vitali Kvartsyan Alexei lost his place in the first team. Now he spoke only in the youth team of Metallurg. Naturally, this state of affairs could not satisfy the young goalkeeper. After the end of the failed season, in which the team took the last 16th place, he began to look for a new job.

The management of the Zaporozhye club, strangely enough,went to meet the goalkeeper, allowing him to leave the team before the expiration of the current contract. May 30, 2013 Alexey Shevchenko as a free agent signed a five-year contract with the club "Dynamo" (Kiev). He became the fourth goalkeeper, transferred to the metropolitan team from the Zaporozhye Metallurgist. The first was Stanislav Bogush, the second - Maxim Koval, the third - Vadim Soldatenko, now defending the colors of the youth national team of Ukraine.

But to compete with goalkeepers of the Kiev clubAlexei failed. Having played five matches for the youth squad of Dynamo, he was given in rent in early 2014 to the Uvergorod Hoverla. Here he was lucky to go to the football field just once. The trainer of "Goverly" completely trusted the post number 1 to Alexander Nadya, who demonstrated a relatively stable game.

aleksey shevchenko

In the fall of 2014, Alexey transferred as a leasedfootball player to the newcomer to the Premier League to the Donetsk "Olympique". But here, too, he was not destined to play. One fight in the U-21 against the Dynamo Kyiv is all that he managed to achieve during his time with Olimpic. After the end of the season four football players left the Donetsk club: Alexander Maximov, Yevgeny Odintsov, Artem Nedoly and Alexey Shevchenko. The goalkeeper needed constant practice, but it just was not.

Returning to Kiev, Alexei independentlytrained with the team "Dynamo-2", participated in the tournament "Memorial Makarov", was looking for the next team. Now he needed a club that guaranteed a solid place at the gate. And such a command was found. She was "Torpedo" (Kutaisi), representing the championship of Georgia. This club guaranteed the goalkeeper a one hundred percent practice. In this team, Alexey played four fights.

Currently, Alexey Shevchenko - goalkeeper,speaking in the team "Dila" (Gori), recently became the champion of Georgia. As part of this club, Alexei held his first matches in the most prestigious European club competition - the Champions League.

Alexey Shevchenko photo

Euro Cup matches

There are only two of them in the career of Alexei Shevchenko.They took place in the second qualifying round of the Champions League. The first match was held on July 14, 2015. On this day, "Dila" played the first guest match on the field of the Belgrade "Partizan". The hosts won with a minimum score, leaving the intrigue for a return meeting. However, contrary to expectations, Partizan was stronger and in the second match, scoring two goals at the gate of the Georgian team. "Dila" dropped out of the tournament, and Andrew gained invaluable experience of appearances at international meetings.

National team

Alexey Shevchenko, whose biography did not work outin club football, has not bad proved to be performances in structure of youth national teams of the country. In 2010, he played one fight for the national team of Ukraine (U-18), in 2012 he played a match in the team (U-20). In 2012-2013, Alexei defended the honor of the youth team (U-21), which played 9 official meetings. We are waiting for Alexei's progress. Who knows, maybe someday he will play for the main national team of the country.

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