Glasses for swimming with diopters

Glasses with diopters are important enough when it comes to swimming.

Points for swimming are divided into four groups: the first group - for children, the second group - for amateurs, the third group - the starting glasses, and the fourth group - glasses for swimming with diopters. Those that are for amateurs, in turn, are also divided into groups, into three groups. First - women's glasses, the second - men's glasses, and the third - unisex.

men's glasses

We are interested in a group with glasses that have diopters. These glasses will be indispensable for those people who in ordinary life have any means for correcting vision, for example, glasses or lenses.

glasses for swimming with diopters
Glasses for swimming with diopters are not only designed to protect the eyes from water, but also for good vision under water.

In fact, they sometimes need dioptriesonly those who have vision problems. The fact is that underwater everything is seen differently than in the air. Even with good eyesight, having opened your eyes, being under water, you will see everything blurred and fuzzy. Our eyes are not meant for water.

Its refraction and air refraction are different, hence the difference in vision. Light is refracted through water, and therefore a clear image can not focus on the retina.

Some people believe that you can safelyto swim with a mask, putting on contact lenses for sight. In fact, there is a great risk that water will get under the mask, which will simply wash away the lenses, and you can lose them, because they are practically invisible in the water.

An interesting point is swimming goggles withdiopters are collected independently. The point is that these glasses are sold in parts, and at home everyone must collect them himself. The fact is that all have different units of view, so a particular eye requires an individual adjustment. It turns out that you need to separately buy the right eye, the left eye, as well as a special set, which contains the nose, rubber and carbines for attaching the lens to the elastic band.

How are the glasses with dioptres for swimming? Take ordinary glasses for swimming, but instead of ordinary lenses are inserted lenses with diopters. If the eyes are different in quality of vision, then the lens for each eye can be made different.

There are also possible options when dioptriclenses are inserted in the glasses by the manufacturer. It is this structure (solid) that completely protects against the flow of water. Another point to which you should pay attention - this option is suitable only for those who have the power of lenses to be the same.

It is important to note that the power of lenses works on a specific value not in the air, but only in water, that is, in the air you will not see as well in them as in water.

How to choose diopter glasses for swimming?

Such points are chosen in the same way asusual for swimming. Design and design all depend on your preferences and your taste. Only certain parameters can influence your choice.

Where to buy glasses for swimming with diopters? They can be purchased in one of the many online stores, as well as in any sports shop.

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Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a good sight under water. Look at the world with different eyes.

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