What is physical education

The most important task in any family isthe upbringing of a healthy child. If children develop physically, a foundation is created on which it is possible to build the framework of a person's personality. Unfortunately, modern statistics suggest that physical development, as well as the health of children and adolescents, is still poor. Ten years ago, children showed higher rates of physical development than now.

Physical education - is the foundation for what,so that the child can develop harmoniously. Its value is also great in the comprehensive formation of the personality. It is this kind of upbringing that sets the stage for the possibility of fully functioning mentally. In order to work intellectually, you need to spend enough physical strength. If the child is sick, not tempered, then the effectiveness of his mental activity is noticeably reduced, while it is easier for a physically healthy person to prove himself in productive work, it is much easier to overcome large loads, and overwork for such people is manifested much less often.

Proper physical education contributes tothe formation of a child's sense of collectivism and comradeship, exacting to himself. This is an excellent tool for strengthening the will. Good physical development is the result of physical education. Due to the fact that it is organized at the proper level, the physical strength of the child can not only be strengthened, but also be improved.

Physical education in the family isa multifaceted process that encompasses the physical and recreational activities of the child. It is desirable that he was engaged not only in physical culture, but also in some kind of sport - this will help him develop strength and endurance. If we talk about the internal structure and content of physical education, then from this point of view an important place is given to this process, such as the formation of a real need for the child in physical education, which allows to significantly improve health. If a person develops a habit of exercising, it will be possible to improve his physical strength and overall performance, strengthen his will.

Physical education bears in itself knowledge,which will enrich the child's ideas about the essence and significance of physical culture and sports, how they influence the development of the personality. Thanks to such knowledge, the horizons of children will be greatly expanded both mentally and morally. In addition, in this way, their general culture can be improved.

Physical education implies developmentphysical abilities of the child, the pursuit of sports activities. It can be light or heavy athletics, sports games or swimming. When a child goes in for sports, does exercise, becomes tempered, he, of course, becomes healthier and more enduring. In addition, daily physical education helps to be whole-hearted and energetic the whole day, making the figure fit.

Using a variety of physical exercises -this is nothing more than physical education methods. They are divided into specific and general pedagogical. Their first group is characteristic exclusively for the process of physical education, and the second is applied in all cases of education and upbringing. In order to solve specific problems that are associated with teaching the technique of performing physical exercises, use the game method, strictly regulated exercises and the competitive method.

Common methods include verbal, andalso methods of visual impact. It is very important that in the method of physical education there is no method that could be considered the best. For the successful implementation of the complex of physical education tasks, it is optimal to combine various methods based on methodological principles.

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