Thompson Jenny - the star of world swimming

Swimming is an amazing sport thatEvery day opens new champions, people with extraordinary abilities. Some of them sooner or later become legends due to their numerous achievements. One such athlete is the great Jenny Beth Thompson, whose life and successes will be discussed in this article.

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The beginning of sports career

The future multiple champion of the most prestigiousThe tournament, which takes place only once in four years - the Olympic Games, was born in the very small American city of Danvers (the population of this municipality is about 30 thousand people).

26.02.1973 - Date of birth of athlete Thompson. Jenny has been a very active child since childhood, so her parents, noticing the girl's vigor and inclination to sport, gave her to the Cedardale club in the far state of Florida. There, Jennifer was engaged from seven to twelve years old under the guidance of coach Nancy Brennan.

When the first significant result cameyoung Thompson? Jenny won two medals in the Pan-American Games in 1987: "gold" at a distance of 50 m croquet and "bronze" in the swim at 100 m freestyle.

Jenny Thompson

These successes determined the further specialization of the athlete: she began to compete with other athletes in the rabbit and butterfly.


American swimmer Jenny Thompson for hercareer won, perhaps, all sorts of medals and titles. It should be noted that the main results, which brought her numerous Olympic awards, the athlete showed in the relay teams. In the individual competition, she has much less wins.

In the "sport of high achievements" the first success was in1992 at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​where in the relay 4 x 100 m croquet and a combined relay 4 x 100 m, it was Thompson who brought his team to the victory. Jenny in these competitions also excelled "silver" on the hundred-meter crochet.

Jenny Thompson photo

Four years later at a similar tournament, but alreadyin Atlanta, the athlete won three "gold", and all in the relay at different distances. It should be noted that the swimmers throughout the career performed exclusively at short distances (from 50 to 200 m).

The Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 became especially successful for an American. A pile of her achievements was filled with three gold medals in the relay race, as well as "bronze" on the hundred meter crochet.

The last Olympics, in which J. Thompson took part, was held in Athens. There the athlete managed to win two silver awards, and again as part of the relay team.

In addition to triumphant statements on the mainstart of the four years, Jennifer became the world champion 18 times: 11 times she managed to win on the so-called "short water", and 7 times - in 50-meter pools.

In one row with the "legends"

Jenny Thompson, photo of which flew all the mediaafter numerous medals at various major tournaments, is rightly considered one of the most titled sportswomen in the history of the Olympic Games. There are twelve awards in her moneybox: eight - "the highest test", 3 "silver" and 1 bronze medal.

Jenny Thompson

The modern history of the most prestigious tournamentknows only 11 athletes who have become champions more than eight times. Who is the number of gold awards overtakes Thompson? Jenny takes ninth place in this honorary list. It is ahead of such great athletes as Michael Phelps (14-time winner of the Olympic Games), famous gymnast Larisa Latynina (10-time champion), Paavo Nurmi (Finnish runner, most titled athlete, 9-time winner of the Olympic Games), swimmer Mark Spitz as many wins, but less silver medals of the Olympics), Carl Lewis (9 gold medals, 1 silver), skier Bjorn Daly (8 gold medals), German Birgit Fischer (8-time champion) and gymnast Savao Kato, who became the most titled Asian for the whole period of the Olympic Games (8 gold medals).

Victory technique

Jenny Thompson could not show suchhigh results without a constant work on the technology of butterfly and rabbit. Bill Boomer, the trainer with whom the sportswoman worked, reveals some secrets that help the legendary swimmer to make their movements faster, and strokes more powerful.

According to the expert, the first thing that is neededpay attention, is the breath. It must be part of the movements, without disturbing the rhythm in which the body works. The next point is to create an impulse allowing you to travel a greater distance with each stroke. The third aspect is the emphasis on hands and body. It is through them that the main work is carried out, and the legs only help.

Life after the completion of a career

American swimmer Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson shortly after the Olympics in Athensfinished the performances on a professional level. Many titled athletes become coaches, but the American chose a different path. She received a medical education in 2006 and has since worked as an anesthesiologist in Boston. Versions of the champion, of course, you can only marvel.

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