Balancer "Lucky John": description, characteristics, varieties

The balancer "Lucky John" is one of the bestbaits for predatory fish. This device is made in Latvia. Currently, a significant number of anglers refused to use live bait when fishing for predatory fish. Its replacement can perfectly serve as the balancer Lucky John. More on this in more detail.

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The balancer "Lucky John" is artificialbait, very similar to fry. This is a fairly popular device among fishermen. Balancing is carefully installed in this product. This contributes to the fact that at the time of catching the movement of the said device have similarities with the actions of live fish. Manufacturers constantly improve this bait, adding to its design various additions. At the same time, a significant similarity is obtained with the natural object of nutrition of the predator.

balancer lacquer john

In the volume horizontal bait, whichIt is mainly used for winter fishing, behind and in front there is a single-type hook. Under her belly is a hanging tee. This rigging of the pecked fish does not leave a chance for rescue. This is an important factor. The modern balancer "Lucky John" is equipped with hooks from Kamasan. This also significantly increases the catchability of the device. Fastening of the balancer on the line is carried out using a special loop on the back.

In comparison with the sheer steep type, theseThe adaptations are more convenient and convenient. The main aspect for dividing the bait data into different species is the absence or presence of tail empennage. For this, material such as bristles, metal, and organic glass can be used.

Criterias of choice

In this case, there are certain nuances. When choosing balancers, it is necessary to pay attention to such parameters as the shape, size, color and mass of the bait. It all depends on the fishing conditions and on what kind of fish to catch. Although, of course, the main criterion for choosing this device is the presence of balancing the spoon-bait and the character of its underwater game. This is important to know.


The balances of Lucky John, the reviews of which arepositive, are divided into several types. It depends on the shape, size and weight of the product, as well as on what kind of fishing is used for this or that bait. In this case, it should be noted such balancers "Lucky John", as Classic, Fin, Mebaru. They will be discussed further on.

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Balancer Lucky John Classic

These devices use considerablepopularity among anglers. A distinctive feature of this balancer is that it has a plastic rigid tail. It provides the spoonful with considerable mobility and sweeping. The tail color of this model can be either red or colorless. In this case, there is a corresponding marking on the device. For example, adding to the name of the letters RT indicates that the model has a red tail. Colorless plumage is determined by the absence of any additional designations.

The classical model is considered universal andeffective bait. Such balancers are ideal for perch. "Lucky John Classic" has several sizes and colors. They are all equipped with Kamasan hooks.

Particularly interesting are the classicalmodels, painted with a special holographic, light-accumulating paint, which is capable of shining underwater. This pretty catchy balancer "Lucky John", reviews about which are only positive. To increase the time of the luminous effect, professional anglers are advised to apply a layer of clear varnish to such a spoon. If there is an "iridescent" color, the letter H. is added to the name of the balancer.

Balancer Lucky John Fin

This type is significantly different fromthe above Classic. Such balancers have a more elongated and flat shape. These baits are often used for fishing on pike perch in various water bodies with a five-meter depth, but no more. With this balancer, a wider game and catching large areas under the hole is possible. When applying such a device, it is necessary to take into account a certain condition. It consists in the fact that it is necessary to stand "balancing" the game by standing, keeping the rod at arm's length. This is important when fishing.

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Balances "Lucky John Mebaru"

This is another popular form of thisadaptations. Mebaru is the new balancer from Salmo. It is produced under the trade name Lucky John. Such a bait can immediately attract attention. Because it has an unusual shape. That is, such a device is more voluminous than a conventional type of balancer. Also it is very similar to the wobblers.

The design of this balance bar ismetallic. It represents an integral external casting having a plastic stabilizer. From many standard similar products, "Mebaru" differs in that it has a wire fittings, which is located not close to the stabilizer, but directly passes through it. This provides the bait with the presence of substantial strength and reliability. Stabilizer in this case is made of a material such as special, shockproof and frost-resistant plastic.

balancers lacquers john mebaru
The dorsal fin of such a product has threeholes. The game of this balance depends on it. That is, it will change in accordance with which of these holes the fastening of the fastener is made. This gives fishermen a wonderful opportunity to conduct certain experiments when fishing. But this is an important plus. It is recommended to apply this model when fishing for pike perch, pike, perch and trout.

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