Addresses of MTS salons in St. Petersburg: how to look?

To customers of cellular communication or to people usingother services of the MTS company, for example, the Internet, sometimes it is impossible to solve the arising issues independently or with a contact center specialist. In this case, there is a need to apply to the MTS liaison office. Employees will help to find a solution to the problem, answer the exciting questions. Where it is possible to look addresses of interiors of MTS in SPb and to pick up that to which it will be convenient to reach? The current article will tell you in which situations you can contact the office of the operator and how to look at the list of all offices.

addresses of salons mts in spb

Reasons for applying to the salon

There are a number of situations when a visit to the salon is inevitable. These may include:

  • the conclusion of a contract for communication services, the acquisition of a SIM card;
  • replacement of the SIM card (for example, lost or exchanged for another format);
  • termination of contractual obligations - only by applying to the MTS liaison salon and by writing an appropriate application, the customer can officially refuse to use communication services;
  • renewal of the contract;
  • receive information about all the rooms that areregistered to the subscriber (of course, if a person knows them, then it is not necessary to do it; you only have to contact the office if there is a need to find out if there are other numbers registered in it);
  • writing an application - complaints, wishes, gratitude;
  • receiving an order issued through the MTS online store;
  • Receiving data on debt.

The above points can be attributed to the mainreasons for the appeal of subscribers to MTS salons in St. Petersburg, whose addresses and telephones can be viewed on the official resource of the operator. In addition, people often turn to purchase equipment, replenish the balance of personal accounts, clarify information about services, etc.

 salon of communication мтс

Can all customers contact the salons?

Conventionally, there are several groups of people who may be interested in the addresses of MTS salons in St. Petersburg:

  • potential subscribers are those who want to use the services of this company (for them the following operations are relevant: acquisition of SIM cards, application for connection of services, etc.);
  • Acting Internet users or subscribers,using the services of MTS communication (for them an even greater list of actions is relevant: renewal of the contract, connection of services, change of tariff, clarification of data on his account, write-offs, writing of a claim, etc.);
  • wishing to purchase equipment from MTS or other companies represented on the show-windows of the sales and service salon.

Get a "full-time" consultation can bothindividuals, and corporate customers. However, not all salons accept the second category - it is recommended to specify in advance whether operations in the selected office are performed on corporate tariff bills or if other addresses of MTS salons in St. Petersburg need to be searched for.

salons mts in spb addresses and phone numbers

What documents should I bring with me?

It is recommended to have a certificate with youpersonality. In particular, this applies to situations where an appeal to the office is carried out for the performance of registration actions (the conclusion of a contract, its termination, re-registration, receipt of a new SIM card, replacement of a lost or other format, etc.), clarifying information on write-offs number) and other data relating to a particular number. Please note that you can obtain information on the number that is registered with another person only if you have a document such as a power of attorney. And we are talking about a real legal document (which has a notary's signature).

Where can I find the addresses of MTS salons in St. Petersburg?

As sources of clarification of information about the addresses of the salons of the telecommunications operator and service provider mentioned above, the following can be used:

  • official website of the operator for a specific region of the country;
  • contact center.

On the official web resource of red and whiteoperator can be at any time to get acquainted with the list of all offices, specify the opening hours of MTS salons in St. Petersburg. Before you start to view, you should make sure that the region on which you want to receive data is listed at the top of the site.

working time of salons in St. Petersburg

For each salon there will be indicated such data as:

  • address (viewable on the map);
  • Opening hours (salons are open until 21-22 hours);
  • the possibility of non-cash payment;
  • the opportunity to receive an order generated through an online store.

In addition, you can use the functionView addresses of salons on the map, allowing you to determine which of them are closer to the subscriber. Many customers are interested, but is there a 24-hour MTS salon in St. Petersburg? At the moment there is no salon with such a mode of operation - offices are available until 22.00.

Other ways to get help

If you can not visit the salon and the issue can be solved remotely, it is recommended to use a number of other options for obtaining information on your personal account:

  • contacting the contact center (customer support is open around the clock) - a single number for calls from the SIM-card MTS - 0890;
  • use the capabilities of the mobile application and the website (the client's personal cabinet).

twenty-four-hour salon in St. Petersburg


In this article, we talked about howquestions should be addressed to the MTS liaison office, which documents are required, and where you can see the salon data and pick the one that has the most convenient location in each case. It is recommended in advance, before visiting the salon, to clarify whether the conceived operations can be performed in a specific office of the operator. If you can not see it on the Internet, you should contact the MTS contact center at 0890.

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