A quality and inexpensive projector for home theater

Creating your own home theaternow it becomes possible, primarily due to the appearance on the market of projectors intended for home use. Now there are a lot of models that are suitable for this role. The projector for a home theater needs to meet several requirements. It should be quiet, since too loud a sound of work is inadmissible in small rooms. To make it possible to use it in an ordinary living room, the noise should not exceed 27 dB, otherwise there will be discomfort.

The characteristics that the projector has forhome theater, will not always be similar to those that are important for presentation and other projectors. For example, the intensity and intensity of the light flux is not so important at home, because the rooms are usually small, in contrast, for example, from large halls for demonstrations, where conditions are sometimes not the most successful. Much depends on the specific model, the most famous manufacturers are Epson, Panasonic, BenQ.

The projector for a home theater should be goodcope with the display of video, in the movies there is a frequent change of frame. If he does not cope with this, then the quality of the picture will be extremely low. Another requirement is a qualitative and accurate display of colors and shades, which also has a direct effect on the impressions received. Some projectors do not have very high color rendition, especially for models that are adapted for demonstrations and display of various schemes, etc.

Projector specifications

When choosing a device for home useYou need to pay attention to several basic parameters. There are several technologies that allow to obtain a different image resolution. Than it will be higher, the better will be the projector for home theater.

Such projectors should output video format 16:9 and 16:10. Requires improved capabilities for displaying dynamic video, and the picture should be with minimal amount of noise. This includes products from Epson or Optoma.

To use the house contrary to popular opinionany projector will not work, as the technologies of projectors are different. Budget models are intended for small offices, educational institutions and other institutions for presentations. But at the same time price is not an indicator, which should be oriented. Installation projectors have a high enough cost, they are used in large conference halls, but at the same time emphasis is placed on the power of the light flux, the ability to work on presentations, the implementation of various connection standards.

Home Use

Home projector in addition to high-qualityimage display must be able to connect to other devices. If a user can easily and quickly connect it to a laptop or home computer, then he can display information from him or play movies, which is very convenient. But here the question arises, how to connect a home theater. It must also be taken into account that the projector does not have its own sound system, so external speakers are required. As a rule, these are multichannel speakers that can reproduce sound in Dolby Digital mode. It is not superfluous to have a remote control, so you do not have to constantly approach the projector.

In general, this is the creation of a home theaterends. Based on these parameters, you can choose a system at a fairly low price, but it will meet the basic requirements. However, one projector is not enough, so you need to think about the sound accompaniment. Sometimes it's easier to create it on the basis of a personal computer, although you can also purchase a blue-ray player in addition. Many modern projectors BenQ, Optoma, Nec, Epson are able to output video in the resolution of Full HD, so the quality will not suffer.

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