Bosch Classixx 5: description, recommendation, photo

Washing machine Bosch Classixx 5 - appliances,which is only for home use. She perfectly copes with products from textile and wool, which are often washed by hand. During operation, cold water, household detergents, as well as special air conditioners, bleach, etc., can be used.

In order to protect the washing machine from bad effects from chemicals, it is necessary to observe the dosage that contains the instruction.

Use Bosch Classixx 5 is allowed to everyone,except children under 8 years of age, people with persistent mental illness, impairment of mental abilities and physical functions. For these people, the use of technology is allowed only in the presence of the guardians responsible for their lives.

Pets should be monitored toavoid injuries associated with the operation of the washing machine. All documentation is recommended to be stored in a specially designated place and in no case should not be discarded.

bosch classixx 5


The dimensions of the washing machine are 60x85x40 cm. It is not created as an additional element for countertops or other interior options, so it is detached. The maximum weight of loaded laundry should not exceed 5 kg. The washing efficiency is A. This class is one of the highest, which guarantees the maximum result even with persistent old stains. The boot has a front type.

Bosch Classixx 5 (the instruction has moredetailed characteristics) is equipped with 5 variants of a temperature mode. Among the options for washing, you can note a separate erasure of cotton, wool, jeans. Combined mode is allowed. Total options 11. For one washing machine uses 45 liters of water.

There is a spin function. Also in the program there is a button that cancels this process. In addition, a leakage protection system is connected.

washing machine bosch classixx 5

How to save by washing in Bosch Classixx 5?

It should be remembered that the maximum weightThe load is 5 kg. In order to use less water (and, accordingly, pay for it a small amount of money), you need to load in one approach for the full mass. If the laundry has insignificant impurities, then no preliminary washing is necessary.

In order to save electricity from Bosch Classixx 5, if you need to connect mode "90about Cotton ", replace it with" 60about Cotton (Intensive Wash). " The modes are similar, but the counter will count much less.

Sensor systems

In order to rationally usewashing powder, conditioners and the like, it is necessary to choose the dosage in accordance with the amount of water consumption. In the washing machine, a program is laid that can itself determine the required amount of detergent.

Due to the spin-start the detection systemimbalance automatically tries to redistribute the laundry. If this is not done, then there is a possibility that the Bosch Classixx 5 washing machine will be much more quickly damaged, as a result, it will have to be repaired more often. This is due to the fact that imbalance, most likely, will lead to breakage of the drum. If it is not possible to fix the problem, the spinning will be turned on in the minimum mode or not at all.

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In order to carry out repairs, you must inform the service center. Do not try to fix the problems yourself, as this can lead to a complete inoperability of the device.

Customer service will always help in caseoccurrence of any breakage, even if the warranty period is over. The phone number can be found in the instructions or in the additional documents that are provided with the equipment. Employees who work in the center have an advanced level of skills.

bosch classixx 5 repair

Safety precautions

It must be remembered that the Bosch Classixx 5 washing machine is an electrical appliance, which means that there is the possibility of electric shock.

Do not touch objectstechnique, which is under tension. In order to protect yourself, it is necessary to pull the plug from the outlet just for its base, and not for the cord that exits from it. Do this only with dry hands.

If there are children in the house, it is recommendedfollow them and do not leave unattended. It is forbidden to play with the technique. Moreover, the Bosch Classixx 5 device has a large drum size, which means that a small pet can fit there. Children at a young age do not understand the consequences of such actions.

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