Samsung wireless charging is a step into the future

Modern technologies are not worthless, andbecause it seems logical to continuous development of various gadgets and other electronic devices. At the same time, in parallel with such progress, the demands of active users are also growing, which are literally pushing electronics manufacturers into the back. So, one of the novelties of today's day is wireless charging "Samsung". This mobile accessory has received a wide demand in the consumer environment and therefore deserves the closest attention from our side.

New standard

Manufacturers, on the occasion of numeroususers, are fully focused on the production of devices capable of charging from elements that do not have wires. The transfer of energy from such a stand directly to the phone occurs on the basis of the principle of motion of electromagnetic waves. To ensure that each of the manufacturers did not try to rise above the others, a special Qi standard was developed, on the basis of which, Samsung wireless charging is also performed.

wireless charging samsung

Important nuances

The Korean manufacturer gives an opportunity tobuyers to purchase a new generation charger both with the phone and separately, which is very convenient, especially when several such accessories are required (for example, one for the home, the second for the office, the third for the dacha). Wireless charging "Samsung" does not have any specific highlights in the form of its own connector or non-standard voltage. In this issue, everything is simple and straightforward: the connection to the network occurs using the usual Micro-USB.


In order for the phone (smartphone) to charge its ownbattery, it is necessary to put it directly on the stand of the described device. Wireless charging Samsung is in direct contact with the communication medium, and no intermediate links or parts are required to transfer the charge. The charging process takes place quickly and automatically, and a special indicator will indicate the battery charge level, while changing its color from blue to bright green ("fully charged").

wireless charging sansung s6

Wireless charging "Samsung" S6 differs frommost of their "fellow" in terms of design in that it has a beautiful and unique appearance. Glossy coating, transparent elements, perfect round shape - all this necessarily adds a certain note of refinement and taste, thanks to which the accessory will perfectly fit into any interior and will not catch the eye around its pretentiousness.

In addition, a very important point: the phone will be charged absolutely the same regardless of its spatial position on the charger.

wireless charging samsung c5

Negative moment

Wireless charging for the phone "Samsung" hasone annoying negative feature, which is that the gadget can do a little harm to the passage of the radio signal at the moment when the smartphone is lying and charging. Yes, the transfer of energy directly takes place at other frequencies, but still some overlap may well be, which is even mentioned in the instruction manual. Also, if the phone does not catch it in the room, there is a possibility that at the time of charging it will not receive a signal at all.

Wireless charging "Samsung c5" interactswith the phone using a special back cover, which must be put on the smartphone, so that through the special contacts there was a charging process. Of course, this cover will add some thickness to the device, however, given the insignificant initial thickness of the phone, this increase in its dimensions will be almost imperceptible and will not give the user additional difficulties.

The new generation charger described has a speed of 760 mA. This is somewhat more if the charging took place via USB 2.0 cable, but also less than full 2 ​​A.

wireless charging for phone samsung

At the time of finding the phone on the charger, a message will be displayed on the screen signaling to the owner of the accessory that charging is in progress.

And most importantly, what you need to know and consider: a wireless device for charging a smartphone is created for the convenience of this process, but not for its acceleration, as naive as many people think.

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