Choose the "right" Bosch

Washing machines in the home appliances marketoccupy one of the key places, along with refrigerators. These are the elements of a modern house, from which it is almost impossible to refuse, and the washing-machine becomes one of the first to be bought into a new apartment. Washing machines with demand in Moscow are sold including in online stores. When buying, there are, as a rule, two key questions: where to buy and what to choose. And if, when answering the second question, we advise the Internet shops, having previously "touched" the machine in a usual household appliance store, then with the choice of the device suitable for you with all the variety of modern models, it is more difficult to decide.

One of the most respected brands producingwashing machines, is the German giant Bosch. This technique is distinguished by high reliability, stylish design and application of innovations, which make it easier and more effective to wash. However, for quality you have to pay, so washing machines Bosch are slightly more expensive than competitors.

Before you buy a stylalka, decideto start with the place where you plan to install it. For small bathrooms, the best choice is a washing machine with a width of 40 cm and with a vertical load of laundry. If you are going to install equipment in the kitchen, then the best choice will be a washing machine with frontal supply of things and the function of loading linen. Bosch front-end machines are also equipped with a removable cover, which can be easily integrated under the countertop. The Germans took care of even such trifles. Speaking about the well-thought-outness of Bosch stilalkas, we can not fail to mention such functions as SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect, which save your time and energy in virtually any wash mode. Smart wipes independently dispense water depending on the drum loading and the type of fabric - this helps to save water consumption considerably. All washing machines Bosch have options for protection from children, control of foaming and suppression of imbalance during spinning. A leakage protection - full or partial - makes these models as safe and reliable in operation as possible.

To the most successful machines Bosch, which can be found on the market today, we wouldThe following models were assigned: WVD 24460, WOT 24454 OE, WAE 24444 OE, WAE 20164 OE and WLK 24263 OE. We will tell briefly about each of them. Model WVD 24460 is a washing machine with front loading and the maximum weight of loaded things - 5 kg. Spin speed 1200 rpm. This machine has a dryer, where you can load up to 2.5 kg of things. Management - intelligent (electronic) with an abundance of programs and modes. Energy efficiency class - C. WOT 24454 OE - vertical model with a maximum weight of linen - 6 kilograms. Of the interesting moments - the presence of car parking drum, the function AquaSpar and a complex system of protection from leaks. The class of power consumption of the machine is A-20%. The Bosch WAE 24444 OE model has an excellent capacity of 7 kilograms and a high spin speed of 1200 rpm. And the electromagnetic lock allows you to do the loading of things for any program that is running. This model uses all the latest developments of Bosch engineers. Washing machine with front loading WAE 20164 OE differs from the previous model even more efficiency - at the level of class A ++. The application of the latest innovations makes it very practical and effective. Well, the latest model WLK 24263 OE impressed us with its design features. Here there is a unique drop-shaped surface of the drum, and asymmetrical grips and a special construction of the case, which reduces noise and vibration during washing. The power consumption class is slightly lower than the previous machines - it is labeled as A-10%.

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