The phone "Android" does not come SMS. Possible reasons

What if you do not have an Android phone?come SMS? What could be the reasons for this phenomenon? There are a lot of them. To foresee which option will be yours, it is difficult. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider all possible causes, and then to use the elimination method to determine the "root of evil" that relates to your situation. In fact, the question is not so simple. To find the right answer to it, you will have to analyze all your manipulations with the device. Even the slightest change can lead to the fact that the messages will not come. Only this is not the reason for panic!

on the Android phone does not come sms

Network overload

Why does the "Android" phone not receive SMS? The first reason for this phenomenon may be the most common network congestion of your cellular operator. Especially this problem is noticeable in large cities.

A heavy load on the network causes a malfunctionconnection. Therefore, the subscriber can not make calls, receive and send messages, go online through a mobile device. You only need to wait. As soon as the network is unloaded, all functions will return to normal.


Why do not SMS come to "Android"? Another very interesting reason for this phenomenon may be the blocking of your number. In this, the operator is guilty. If you have very little money on the balance sheet (or rather, you are in the "minus"), services are blocked.

Usually operators warn their subscribers aboutpossible blocking. To return all the communication services to the phone, you just have to pay for them. More precisely, cover the minus you formed before the positive balance. There is nothing difficult in this. Simply follow your account on the SIM card. Then the number lock can be deleted.

why not come sms to android


Does the "Android" phone not receive SMS? If you are interested in the reasons for this phenomenon, analyze your recent actions with the device. They can be the source of the problem.

For example, often a disaster with SMS messagesoccurs because of the infection of the mobile device with some kind of virus. No one is immune from this phenomenon. If you use mobile Internet, exclude the possibility of infection is not worth it.

Do not SMS come to Android? What to do? Check your device for viruses. This will help you a variety of antivirus programs for phones. It is not always possible to detect a virus with the help of such utilities. Some are well "encrypted". To find them, it's enough to think whether you entered your phone number on any extraneous websites and services. Very often it turns out that this behavior leads to infection of the phone with viruses. Try not to enter your phone number on the Internet. Do it only on reliable and time-tested sites.

on android do not come sms what to do

Problems with your phone

Does the "Android" phone not receive SMS? If the matter is not in viruses and not in your cellular operator, you can pay attention to the integrity of the device used. Sometimes it breaks down. At such times, problems occur in all areas of the device.

I'll have to take the phone for repair. If the problem can not be fixed, you need to buy a new device. Then after saving the settings from your operator everything will come back to normal. And you can send / receive messages on Android.


The last option that you can onlyit is a malfunction in the phone's operating system. They happen for different reasons. Usually this problem is observed mainly among those who actively use the device every day and constantly replenishes it with various programs. Due to the small amount of free space on the memory card or the abundance of utilities, the system fails.

flashing phone android

In this case, you may need to rewritephone "Android." It is not recommended to perform it independently. It is better to take the device to a service center. There you quickly help to correct the situation. Self-flashing usually does not work. If you have previously encountered this process, you can reflash the "Android" at home. The probability of success is not ruled out.

Perhaps, these are all the common reasons that the "Android" phone does not come with SMS. The most common problems are in the network of your operator. This reason must be deleted first.

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