The tablet is frozen - what should I do? Possible causes and methods for their elimination

A tablet computer, or a tablet, is verya popular device of a new generation, which in its performance and functions is able to compete even with laptops. This gadget has several advantages:

  • why the tablet hangs
    . Because of its small size, it can be taken from
    yourself anywhere.
  • A large number of functions. It can be used as a phone, e-book, and also edit various texts, work with photos and play games.

The tablet, like any computer, works onoperating system, which, unfortunately, is not immune from failures. Alas, but this is inevitable. Sooner or later, any user gets into a situation where the tablet hangs and does not turn on. So let's find out all the reasons. Why is the tablet frozen? What can I do to bring it back to normal? You will now find out about this and many other things.

The tablet is frozen. What to do

Let's imagine the situation: you worked on a tablet (playing, listening to music, using the Internet), when suddenly it hung. With a computer / laptop everything is clear, there just enough to press a certain key combination to remove this unpleasant symptom. But what to do with your gadget? There's no keyboard on it! Above all, do not panic! First, try pressing and holding the on / off key. for 15-20 seconds, until the tablet computer itself turns off. If this did not work, then carefully inspect the case of your device, there must be a small hole signed by the word Reset. Found? Excellent! Now take a needle, pin or a straightened paper clip, slide it into this hole. After a few seconds, you will see that the screen has gone out - this means that the tablet has turned off. So, we solved one problem. But that's not all, now it is necessary to find out the reason why the tablet is hanging. What to do for this, read on.

the tablet freezes and does not turn on

Possible reasons

In order to fix the problem, it is necessary to understand what the system failed. Conditionally, the reasons can be divided into two types:

  • Software.
  • Hardware.

The first, as a rule, are often found. A software failure can cause incorrect operation of one of the applications, the presence of viruses, corrupted system files of the operating system, and so on. You can manage such problems yourself. It's enough just to reset all settings, as your tablet will heal with a new life. But keep in mind, all installed applications, as well as all your accumulated information can be deleted irrevocably! To avoid this, before you reset the settings, copy everything you need to the flash card and remove it from the device. So you will protect yourself from data loss.

Hardware failure is less common, but without ithelp specialists can not eliminate. The cause of this is damage in the nodes of the circuit board, as well as the connection of incompatible / damaged devices. A power failure may also affect the performance of your gadget in a bad way. Well, that was all the reasons why the tablet hangs.

the tablet hovered what to do

So, if the reasons are still of a program nature, then do the following:

  1. Turn on the tablet.
  2. Go to the "Settings" menu item, then "Privacy" (or "Reset and Restore").
  3. Click "Reset".

Important! Before making a reset, connect the tablet to the network. Because the reboot requires a lot of energy and time, and you need to prevent a complete discharge of the battery. Otherwise your gadget will have to be reflashed!


Well, if you have a tablet, what to do,to return it to normal work, you already know. And to avoid this, be sure to install a good anti-virus on your gadget. Never download programs from untrusted sources, and also protect your device from bumps and water.

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