What if the phone fell into the water?

How would we not love our dearest technique, likewould not care about its integrity and safety, and incidents sooner or later happen at all. And if we are talking about a simple model of a mobile phone or an apparatus that is already more than one year old, the disappointment will not be so strong. But what if you just recently bought a completely new communicator, spending a pretty big sum on it, and the phone fell into the water? A familiar situation for many, is not it? Who of us does not like to listen to music in the bath? Or it may be that a sudden important call caught the owner of the smartphone by surprise. But whatever situation we are considering, the result is still the same - wet technique on the hands and panic on the cost of the upcoming repair in the eyes. So what should be the very first actions of the owner, if the phone fell into the water? We will give the main provisions that can alleviate the situation and prevent the development of destructive processes within the apparatus. But nevertheless it is highly recommended to contact specialists. Only a knowledgeable person can save technology from ultimate destruction.

The phone fell into the water. What should the owner do?

The most important thing is to get it out as quickly as possiblebattery and try to dry the contacts. If this is not done in time, then the probability that the phone will have to be changed completely, significantly increases. Wipe off any water droplets from the housing. Carefully, without superfluous efforts, open the back panel. Remove the battery from the device. Leave the phone in such disassembled condition for about night. Under it, first place a soft absorbent cloth so that the leaking water does not accumulate under the unit. The phone itself is best not to put the screen down, but vice versa - up to the empty socket for the battery. Otherwise, the liquid can penetrate deeper and spoil not only the screen itself, but also the "insides," which is even more unpleasant.

Attention! Do not place the device on a battery or any other heating device. This way you not only will not help the phone, but also exacerbate the situation, since high temperature can damage the subtle details inside the device.

After the phone fell into the water, and youtook advantage of the above advice and dried it, it would be nice to protect contacts from oxidation. Otherwise, it may happen that the charger will not be recognized, the headphones will not connect, and the device itself will not last for a long time without replacing all the listed items. Such repairs will cost the owner of the phone not cheap. Dampen the cotton swab with alcohol and gently, trying not to touch or pinch the metal pins in the nests, wipe the indentations from the inside. Do not do this with oil or some kind of greasy remedy. Alcohol prevents oxidative processes, and everything else can only do harm.

If the phone fell into the water, you need to immediatelypay attention to the presence of water under the glass screen. If there are visible drops, it is best to remove the top panel and gently remove the liquid with a cotton swab. Otherwise, you risk losing your display permanently. Especially for the wet, sensitive touch screens are sensitive. If the phone fell into the water, and the display belongs to a series of capacitive (reacts solely to touching with bare fingers), then this is the worst option. In this case, pay as much attention as possible to this detail.

And finally, finally get rid of water in"Inner world" of the communicator will help the ultrasonic bath. Such adaptation is available, as a rule, in specialized workshops. With its help, all the smallest particles of moisture are removed, and the steel "stuffing" does not start to oxidize and rust. So now if your phone has fallen into the water, you know what to do. Good luck and be careful with the technique.

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