What should be the best iron

Today hundreds of models of irons are sold in stores. In order to determine which iron is the best, let's consider the possibilities of these electrical devices.

the best iron
Let's start with the soles. The electric iron can have a sole made of aluminum, ceramic, cermet, titanium, teflon, stainless steel.

Aluminum outsole quickly heats up, but does not have strength. Over time, such a sole appears scratches and burrs, which spoil the tissue.

Teflon-coated sole is strong, notBurns and perfectly slips. When heated, Teflon becomes soft and easily scratched against metal buttons or snakes. Scratches on Teflon then turn into a hangnail.

Pottery on the sole of the iron quickly heats up, slides well, does not crumple things and is easy to clean. Ceramics have a serious drawback - it is fragile.

The ceramic-ceramic coating has all the advantages of ceramic coating, but is more durable.

The stainless steel sole is strong and durable. A well-polished steel perfectly slips over the fabric.

Titanium coating of the sole is the most durable and durable. Titanium glides well through the tissues.

The best iron should have a sole covered with titanium, stainless steel or cermet.

electric iron
The second important characteristic of an iron is power. At high power, the iron heats up faster and steam is formed. Irons with a power of up to 1,500 watts are suitable for apartments with weak wiring. Irons with a capacity of 1,600 to 1,900 watts will suit small families. If the family has more than three people and ironing takes several hours every week, then an iron is needed with a capacity of 2,000 to 2,400 watts. Also produced are high power irons, which consume from 2,400 watts.

The best iron is a device with a capacity of 2,000up to 2 400 watts. Such parameters will provide fast heating, steam generation and will allow simultaneous use of other devices without causing overloads in the network.

The best iron should have a functionautomatic shutdown. The device turns off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity in a horizontal position or after 10 minutes of passive residence vertically.

A good iron should have the function of a steam stroke. This is an intense release of steam through the sole for smoothing creases or overdried clothes.

Drops that fall from the iron on the fabric cause a divorce. In the best irons work systems that prevent the formation of drops. The system of constant separation of steam is found in almost all irons.

In the iron must be providedoption of self-cleaning, when the steam chamber is cleaned of dirt and scale with a strong steam jet. The best irons are equipped with anti-scale systems. Such systems involve the use of removable cassettes or rods.

In the best irons, a ball attachment of the power cord is used. With this fastening, the electric cord does not twist at the base and can rotate 360 ​​degrees freely.

what iron is the best
In this review, only the minimum setOptions that characterize the best iron. When choosing a device for ironing, remember that you need an iron, and not a computer that can iron. After all, simplicity is the key to reliability.

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