Cleansing vacuum cleaner Thomas - the best solution for home

To combat dirt in the house today use a variety of household appliances. It is better to use a washing vacuum cleaner Thomas.

The company Thomas, founded in Germany back in 1900year, one of the first to release such a device. Today, Thomas collects cleaning vacuum cleaners at the plant in Neunkirchen and leads the world production of these units.

washing vacuum cleaner Thomas
Thomas - a vacuum cleaner, washing everything. Each model is carefully developed and passes long tests in German laboratories.

Recently, a new washing vacuum cleaner Thomas has appeared in domestic stores. The full name of the model is Thomas Twin xt. This vacuum cleaner became the hero of many programs on Russian television.

Cleansing vacuum cleaner Thomas, whose reviews are calledthe envy of the owners of traditional appliances, has a number of serious advantages, the most important of which is a compact water filter. German engineers reduced the size of this node and made it more closed. Aquafilter Thomas is now more pleasant to wash. To do this, do not touch contaminated water. You drain the dirty liquid and pour 1 liter of clean water through the neck. At the same time, the washing vacuum cleaner Thomas kept the old principle of operation: the air stream with dust passes several stages of cleaning and leaves small particles of dirt in the water. The filter, which the engineers called "Aqua-box", works differently than in vacuum cleaners of other companies. This device does not collect dust on the water surface, but forces it to concentrate and settle on the bottom of the container. The new filter allows you to effectively purify the air even with a low-power engine of 1700 watts.

washing vacuum cleaner Thomas reviews
The washing vacuum cleaner Thomas has decreased in size, iteasily fits in the closet. The length of the Thomas Twin xt is 48 centimeters, its width is 31, and the height is only 30 centimeters. At the same time, it weighs only 8 kilograms.

The vacuum cleaner provides a dry cleaning and washing of surfaces. German designers say that in the dry cleaning mode it filters almost 100% of dust and pollen.

A washing vacuum cleaner, Thomas can also collect water spilled onto the floor.

In order to wash the floor inpleasure, you should use a special nozzle Thomas. This unit ensures the supply of water under pressure and its immediate absorption after contact with the floor. Those who have already used Thomas Twin xt for washing the floor, claim that this vacuum cleaner launches even old stains. Thomas perfectly copes with washing linoleum, tiles and carpets.

washing machine vacuum cleaner
To wash the carpet with a Thomas vacuum cleaner, you need to add a special liquid to the container with water and use a lint nozzle. After washing, the color of the carpet is restored by almost 90%.

German engineers who created a vacuum cleanerThomas, took care of many small things that other producers do not attach importance to. The control buttons on the housing are protected from moisture. The lower part of the parquet cleaning nozzle is glued with natural felt, which also polishes. To this can be added a unique coating of the front and rear wheels, which does not scratch the floor.

If you need a reliable assistant in your homecleaning, buy a washing vacuum cleaner Thomas. You can get a reliable German assembly assembly only in a specialized store. When you buy, you will be shown a certificate and will issue a warranty card.

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