Synthesizer Casio CTK-3200: review, reviews

Giving the child to music school, parentsunderstand that sooner or later they will have to deal with the purchase of a musical instrument. If this piano and space in the apartment is enough, you can buy a bulky and heavy, but traditional acoustic instrument for little money. In other cases, it is worth thinking about buying a compact piano, and the Casio CTK 3200 synthesizer can be a suitable option.

casio ctk 3200

Lightweight and functional

It should be noted that this model is equipped withkeyboard, which is sensitive to the force of pressing - this is a huge plus, not every budget synthesizer has anything like it. The executor can choose from two types of dynamic sensitivity and choose the optimal one for himself. Also, the CTK 3200 distinguishes itself from the design of the keyboard itself: it is very similar to a real acoustic piano keyboard, which not only favors a comfortable game, but also gives the overall appearance of the synthesizer a solid, professional look.


Casio CTK 3200 offers the user 400timbres. In this list there are both classical and synthetic variations of sound. Polyphony is represented by 48 notes - not too much, but this is enough for the main performing tasks. The synthesizer is equipped with auto accompaniment function, in which there are 150 styles, which opens up opportunities for improvisation and acquaintance with various musical genres.

Digital effects are not a strengthCasio CTK 3200. Feedback from users in this regard is unanimous: reverberation alone is not enough, and this severely limits the performer himself and the use of the instrument.

synthesizer casio ctk 3200

Training and Recording

The synthesizer has a step-by-step learning function,which is based on the principle of building an ordinary lesson with a living teacher. This system includes elements aimed at musical development, so it will be very useful for beginning performers. The built-in USB-out allows you to connect the instrument to a computer and use it as a full-fledged midi keyboard.

In addition, the functionsampling. Thanks to it, the user gets the opportunity to record small segments from external sources, so that they can then use them when playing certain melodies. For example, it can be vocal lines or violin solo. This is a big advantage, since most devices from the same price category do not have the same "capabilities" as the Casio CTK 3200 synthesizer.

casio ctk 3200 reviews


Keyboard acoustic pianoforte presented88 keys, and in CTK 3200 it is shortened - only 61 keys, but let's not forget about two types of sensitivity to touch. Although the maximum polyphony is 48 voices, for some timbres this figure is halved.

Reverb from 1 to 10, can be turned offcompletely. The Voice Pad allows you to easily play the samples stored in the memory. There are three presets for melodic samples, and one for percussion. The synthesizer can take on the function of the metronome (beats in the cycle from 2 to 6, the tempo is from 30 to 255).

A separate word requires step-by-step training. In addition to the possibility of repetition, a voice guide on fingerings, a music note and performance evaluation, the virtual teacher can separately parse the parts for the left or right hand, and only then proceed to join the two parties. The stages of training are four, the first and second are Listen and Watch, and the third and fourth are Remember and Auto.

Auto Accompaniment includes 150 rhythmicpatterns. There are other useful functions, such as transposition up to 12 halftones on one side and the other, as well as tuning from 415.5 to 465.9 hertz, which is useful when playing with wind instruments.

synthesizer casio ctk 3200 reviews

Inputs and outputs

The Casio CTK 3200, as mentioned above, is equipped withUSB-output for connection to a computer. In addition, there is a connector for the pedal sustain, sostenuto, software or rhythm - this is the standard "jack". The headphone output is presented as a standard stereo jack, so you will not be able to connect the headphones from your phone or computer. However, the problem will help to solve the adapter, which for little money can be purchased at any store of musical instruments or radio equipment.

There is a stereo stereo mini jack audio input. Power Casio CTK 3200 is possible both from the network, and from six coal-zinc batteries AA or from alkaline batteries. When using the latter, the operating time of the synthesizer is about three hours. To save energy while working on batteries, the instrument shuts off six minutes after the last key press, and when working from the network - after half an hour.

The device is equipped with two ten centimetersspeakers with a power of 2 watts. It weighs about 3.5 kg, so if the performer constantly moves or plays on the street, then for this price category the best choice will be the Casio CTK 3200 synthesizer.

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The model was released a long time ago, soowners had time to evaluate it and point out the advantages and disadvantages. The simplicity of the interface is usually referred to as the first: the control panel is intuitively understandable, it is convenient also that the function buttons are divided into sections, and all the necessary information is displayed.

Also, the owners note the ease of the synthesizer: it is compact, easily fits in the back seat of the car. The average weight of laptops is just over two kilograms, and this synthesizer weighs only a kilogram more, so you can take it anywhere.

Many note the importance of the key sensitivity function to the touch - this is a great advantage of the budget tool, as well as the full size of the keys.

To disadvantages, users refer to going toa metal stand for music, which does not hold notes, lack of digital effects (except reverb), and built-in speakers. The acoustic system gives a total power of only four watts, and if this is sufficient for home occupations and apartments, the synthesizer can not cover a larger room. This problem can only be solved by connecting an additional external acoustics.

review casio ctk 3200

Design and equipment

The body of the synthesizer is made of high-qualitymatte plastic without color variations - only black is possible. On the plastic remains fingerprints, but they can easily be removed with a slightly damp cloth or alcohol napkin.

Together with the synthesizer, the buyer receives a blockfood and a music stand. A convenient carrying case, rack and various pedals need to be bought separately. However, the pedal has a standard input, so it is possible to use an analog from another synthesizer, the main thing is that the polarity coincides. To check it it is easy: if by pressing of a pedal of a sustain the sound breaks off and proceeds after release, means the polarity does not coincide.


Casio CTK 3200 is an excellent compact tool. The price for it starts from ten thousand rubles, that is, the synthesizer slightly goes beyond the budget, but the amount is quite good for a device with such a set of functions. Virtually no model from this price category can give the user the same capabilities as the CTK 3200. It will be a useful acquisition for those who do not want to interfere with neighbors day or night, because you can always plug in headphones and play full volume, but only for yourself. Easy to carry, it will suit both a concert musician and people who constantly change their place of residence. The tool is compact, does not take up much space even with the rack, so it does not hurt even in a small apartment.

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