Overview of the vacuum cleaner Redmond RV-308

Now the store shelves are filled with products of the Redmond trademark. It is notable for low price. Naturally, this leads to increased interest on the part of consumers.

Redmond - Russian brand, under which is soldAppliances. The main specialization is multivark, but you can see other devices, for example, vacuum cleaners. Is it possible to trust the domestic brand? It is definitely impossible to answer this question. This is a private matter for everyone. However, this brand has one weighty advantage - an affordable price. Vacuum cleaner Redmond RV-308 is a modern unit equipped with innovative technologies. Its average price is 10,000 rubles, and similar models of other brands are more expensive by 3000-5000. To describe this device in a nutshell is impossible, so let's take a closer look at all the main points. And also decide whether the RV-308 is an advantageous purchase.

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The vacuum cleaner Redmond RV-308 is externally decorated inmodern style. The combination of smooth curved lines looks spectacular. The case is glossy and has a beautiful silvery tint. The garbage collection container is installed at an angle. The suction hose is attached to the bottom of the housing. This form gives a courageous and somewhat aggressive look. The rear wheels are large enough, they reach a height almost to the top. Front - hidden, are directly on the bottom panel. Buttons of management favorably differ on the general background. Behind there is a special fastening for the pipe with a brush. There is also a storage compartment for the attachments.

Model Redmond RV-308 weighs almost 10 kg. Sold in a package, the dimensions of which are 55 x 31 x 39.5 cm.

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This device replenishes the rows of vacuum cleaners without a bagfor dust. Instead of it, a special container with a capacity of 1.5 liters is installed. It is intended only for dry cleaning. Using the model RV-308, it is forbidden to collect residual liquid, as this can lead to engine failure. The unit generates a noise of 78 dB during operation.

The motor for vacuum cleaner Redmond RV-308 is calculatedon the following indicators: power consumption - 1600 W, suction - 380 W. The permissible voltage is 220-240 V (50-60 Hz). Also the engine is protected by three systems: from overheating, temperature control and soft start. There is a telescopic steel tube, a plastic hose. The length of the power cord is 6 m, the cleaning radius is 10 m. The cable is automatically unwound.

The power adjustment button is located on the body. With its help, you can set an individual level: from the minimum to the maximum. The filter types for the Redmond RV-308 vacuum cleaner are HEPA (H10) and multi-stage cyclonic. Also there is a state-of-the-art MultyCyclone 8 + 1 system. She is responsible for cleaning the air.


Before buying any home appliances it is recommended to check the equipment. Changes may only be made by the manufacturer.

So, what should be bundled with the Redmond RV-308:

  • The vacuum cleaner itself. It is recommended to check the integrity of the case.
  • Instruction and warranty card are the most importantdocumentation. When buying, they must be filled by the seller. If this is not done, if there is a breakdown during the warranty period, free maintenance will be refused, even if the device has a factory fault.
  • Flexible hose and telescopic tube. It is better to immediately check in the store the place of fastenings (should ideally fit the diameter).
  • Six baits: for the option of "blowing out", combing animals' hair, universal, turbo, combined, crevice.
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Device dust collector

In the model Redmond RV-308 is installed a container withcyclone cleaning system. Directly near the hose opening there is a section for garbage collection. A transparent bulb is attached to it. On its outer surface there is a button. With its help, you can detach the section in which dust accumulates. There is also a special hole for dirty air.

Inside the flask there is a filtration systemcyclone type. It consists of several compartments, where the initial cleaning takes place first, then the secondary (for the smallest grains of dust). The flask itself is closed with a lid with clamps. It has a hole for clean air. Inside it is a double protective motor filter and a removable panel. After using the vacuum cleaner it is recommended to wash these elements.

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Preparation for work

Before checking the Redmond RV-308 vacuum cleanerwork, you need to properly collect it. First of all, you need to insert a flexible hose into the suction port. There is a special fastening on it, so a characteristic click should sound. Only after it can the connection be considered reliable. Then the hose is connected to the wide part of the tube. And on the opposite side - the nozzle is installed.

It is selected depending on the type of surface. Now you need to install the container correctly. In the front part of the case there is a special notch. In it, the dust bag is placed with the bottom to a flexible hose and pressed downward with a light movement. There must be a click. It is even easier to remove - it is pressed on the button and it goes up by the handle. After that, you can adjust the telescopic tube for growth and plug the device into an outlet.

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Redmond RV-308: reviews

Immediately it is worth noting that feedback on the model RV-308ambiguous. Many find both pluses and minuses. The advantages of the buyers include modern design, low noise level, a wide selection of nozzles. As for the shortcomings, there are many claims to quality. Many report that in half a year of operation the power is significantly reduced, a sharp smell of dust appears. For some buyers, the engine burned down in the second year of operation. To state categorically that it was a factory marriage, there are no grounds.

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