Review of the Redmond Bakery RBM-M1911

Everyone dreams of having fresh pastries at home. This can be done with the breadmaker Redmond RBM-M1911. She is able to knead the dough alone. Nineteen automatic programs significantly expand the potential of the device. Each for himself can choose a crispy crust color. There are three levels - from slightly fried to dark. In addition to baking, the bakery will be excellent at cooking jam or jam and stewing foods. A large number of recipes can be found in the book that is included.

redmond rbm m1911

Breadmaker Redmond RBM-M1911 is made in a stylishdesign. The combination of glossy surfaces (stainless steel) and matte (plastic) favorably distinguishes it from the others. The body has an oval shape. The control panel is on top. It is quite convenient to use it. You can buy a model for 6-7 thousand rubles. As for productivity, many people claim that the recipes from the instructions are not thorough. It is necessary to independently change the weight of the products and the time of baking. In general, if you are trying to fix, then bread turns out excellent.


Redmond RBM-M1911 - bakery with a capacity of 550 watts. It operates from 220-240 V. The inner coating is non-stick. The maximum weight of bread is 1 kg, it is also possible to bake loaves for 500 and 750 grams. There is 1 blade for kneading dough. The device is equipped with a timer, the maximum indicator is 15 hours. What is important, there is support for heat. After baking, the device maintains the optimum temperature for an hour. The nonvolatile memory stores the selected program for 10 minutes.

breadmaker redmond rbm m1911


  • she bake herself;
  • measuring spoon and glass;
  • the form;
  • blade and key for its removal;
  • book of recipes, warranty card, instruction manual.


Redmond RBM-M1911 is equipped with 19 automaticprograms. Thanks to them, the device becomes multifunctional. In addition to bread and pastry, you can prepare desserts, milk porridges, yoghurts, soups, jams. The device works with a different type of dough - yeast and bezdrozhzhevym. In the bakery you can cook classic, gluten-free, French, rye, whole-grain, Borodino bread. There is an accelerated baking program, which is suitable only for white bread. With this model, you can prepare delicious muffins with raisins.


Redmond RBM-M1911 has electronic control. There is a display on the top panel. It displays the time, mode, color of the crust and other information. Buttons - touch. Using the panel is very convenient. Next to it is a viewing window. Through it you can observe the processes. At the end of the operation, the device beeps. Non-stick coating completely avoids burning. The device is equipped with a memory, which even after a power failure saves the settings.

Additional options

Breadmaker Redmond RBM-M1911 is equipped withadditional modes. These include a timer, protection from power surges and support for optimal temperature conditions. These functions are quite significant advantages.

breadmaker redmond rbm m1911

For example, using a deferred startallows you to bake bread precisely by a certain time. Its range varies within 15 hours. Underestimate this option is impossible. For example, fresh bread is needed for breakfast. Now do not get up in a few hours to bake it. It's enough to set the timer in the evening, and the device will prepare everything for the specified time. Also, ready bread can be kept warm for one hour thanks to a special option.


Acquisition of domestic productsmanufacturer has many advantages. First of all, this is an affordable price. Due to small transport costs, the manufacturer can significantly reduce the cost. Also an important criterion is the availability of service centers and spare parts. All devices of TM Redmond can be quickly and efficiently repaired. That's why the bakery of this brand will be the right choice.

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