Robot vacuum cleaner. Reviews

Robot-vacuum cleaner is a device forautomatic cleaning of premises, which has artificial intelligence. He is referred to a certain class of technology. Namely, to models of intelligent home appliances and home robots.

The work of this technique can be performed withpresence of one of two specific conditions. Vacuum cleaners-robots can clean on a pre-determined schedule, as well as after the user's command. Cleanliness in the room, these household devices are provided by self-movement on a given plane. In the event that they encounter any obstacle in their way, the robots must make a decision that allows them to overcome. This process is possible in connection with equipping the technical device with a special algorithm. After garbage collection, most models are designed to return to the device intended for charging.

The beginning of the production of house robots,intended to maintain cleanliness in the premises, was carried out in 2000. The first models were a disk having a diameter ranging from twenty-five to thirty-five centimeters. They were equipped with a contact sensor device installed in the front section of the vacuum cleaner, as well as an infrared sensor. Some of them were equipped with the "Virtual Wall" device.

The first, as well as the second generation model"Robot Vacuum Cleaner", reviews of which indicated the need to manually specify the parameters of the rooms, had on the body three buttons of large, medium and small size. Subsequent developments of this type of home appliances eliminated the need for their use.

Robot vacuum cleaner, reviews of which testifyabout its practicality in connection with the use of installed internal batteries, you need to regularly recharge. A special module is used for this. In modern models, it is possible to find a device for charging. To do this, the smart vacuum cleaner communicates with the module using an infrared sensor. Full charge of an intelligent home appliance takes an average of three hours. Intellectual technology of previous generations was fed from the power grid for half a daily time.

Robot vacuum cleaner, reviews of which indicatehis ability to remove debris under any furniture, has a small height. It is about thirteen centimeters. If the technical device does not have the possibility of further advancement in connection with meeting with any unforeseen obstacle, then it stops and delivers special audible signals, allowing the user to locate it and fix the malfunction that has appeared during the harvesting process.

Robot vacuum cleaner, reviews about the use of whichtestify to the simplicity of control, it is programmed for one of the three existing algorithms of harvesting. In the room it is possible to set a quick or normal cleaning, and in a territory that covers an area of ​​two square meters - local.

A modern vacuum cleaner-robot, reviews of whichtalk about further improvement of models, contributes to cleaning the premises with the application of the preliminary task planning, that is, automatically. Set up household appliances becomes possible for the period of time when the user is absent.

After the cleaning of the premises, the owner of the smart home appliances must release the dust collector from the accumulated garbage.

Some models of robots use infrared remote control. With it, you can configure the technical device from a distance.

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