Powders for dishwashers - what is this ?!

powders for dishwashers
Powders for dishwashers representare dry solids, specially designed for the effective removal of various kinds of contaminants from the dishes. Such drugs, as a rule, have pronounced antibacterial properties, do not leave stains and divorces. Good powders for dishwashers are also able to easily and quickly cope with all kinds of contaminants (including old ones). In addition, quality products protect the machine parts from scale formation and, thus, extend their service life.

Powders for dishwashers: composition

Such tools are being produced asrule, in the form of tiny granules, very convenient for use. The composition of dishwasher powders traditionally includes chlorine, phosphates, bleach, dye and a number of other chemical elements. Such as, for example, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, sodium sulfate (the pH of the so-called neutral salt), sodium disilicate, enzymes, sodium carbonate and polypeptides.

the best powder for dishwashers

In addition, among the most commoningredients used in the production of dishwasher powders, it is possible to distinguish the bleach activator, various surface-active elements, derivatives of sugars and alcohol. However, far from all manufacturers use all these substances in their means. In this case, it should be specially emphasized that over the past few years there has been a clear tendency to use exclusively environmentally friendly and natural substitutes for the above components in the production process. In this case, the best powder for dishwashers will definitely not include alkylbenzene sodium sulfate, which is very harmful to the environment.

The main advantages of powders for dishwashers

Use of these funds will allow without speciallabor remove any, the most rigid spots, and also eliminate stains and unpleasant odors. In addition, it is worth noting that the use of powder for a dishwasher, the price of which is on average two hundred to three hundred rubles, can also be used for normal (manual) washing

 dishwasher powder price
dishes. In the list of main advantages, among other things, you can include the so-called "polishing effect", which remains on the objects after using dishwashers.

Features of the application of dishwasher powders

People who constantly use powders fordishwashers, experts advise not to forget a few simple rules. First, before you start using these tools, you should carefully read the manufacturer's instructions contained in the instructions. Secondly, if there is hard water in the house, it is usually recommended to fill the powder in all the compartments of the machine. Thirdly, do not use these dishwashing detergents from silver, porcelain, as well as products with bone or wooden handles.

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