How to untie an iPhone from Apple ID: practical tips

All electronic devices of Apple in the process of theiroperation are tied to a special identifier called the Apple ID. In this article, we'll tell you how to untie an iPhone or iPad from Apple ID, which is a prerequisite before selling it or transferring it to other hands.

Features of Apple ID

Creating an Apple ID after buying a brand newiPhone, you simultaneously get 5 GB of disk space in the cloud storage iCloud. In it all the time, while you use your device, will store copies of your phone contacts, notes, photos, settings of installed applications and so on.

From the daily copy thus createdyour device in the cloud, you can restore it in case of unsuccessful firmware or software failure. After purchasing a new smartphone, you can also restore it from a saved copy of the old one, transferring all previously installed programs with settings, a phone book and other data.

how to unlock Iphone from Apple ID

It is to remove confidential information stored in iCloud, you need to know how to untie the iPhone from Apple ID.

You can disconnect the device from the identifierin many ways, you do not need to hold it in your hands. Even if you lost your device, you can remotely erase all personal information from it.

Disable Apple ID

How to unfasten the iPhone from Apple ID from the smartphone itself? Probably the easiest and most convenient option. The device is in your hands, and all the necessary manipulations you can perform directly on it.

Go to your iPhone in the "Settings" and immediatelyfind the Apple ID control section. In the latest version of iOS, "Apple" prudently took it to a separate menu item, saving the user from unnecessary searches. In this section, you will find all the devices that are assigned to the identifier, and you can disable them.

how to untie iphone from apple id

How to untie an iPhone from Apple ID usingcomputer? The option is also very convenient. For this, you do not even need to have a smartphone on hand. Go to the official Apple website and go to the Account Management section.

You will need to enter the ID and password from theApple ID, you may have to repeat the procedure several times, following the links. As a result, you will be taken to the web page with your account. Here you will find various information about its parameters, and at the very end there is a list of connected devices. Choose the necessary and in a few clicks conduct a shutdown.

How to untie an iPhone from Apple ID usingiTunes? If this application is installed on your computer, you can enter the ID settings directly in it. The account settings will be the "Device Management" section. It also lists all of your devices, but the delete menu is somewhat poorer than in the methods described above.

how to untie an iphone or ipad from apple id

How to unlock the iPhone from Apple ID, usingcontacting customer support? Apple has a well-developed and responsive customer support service. Therefore, in a pinch, when none of the previous options have helped, you can refer to it. The only inconvenience that can arise when using this option is the need to correspond in English. But then any online translation service can come to the rescue.

What to do when buying

When buying with hands,that the product that you purchase is untied by the former owner from his Apple ID. In this case it is better to lose some time for testing, but be sure that the device will work fine in the future. Otherwise, after the first software update, you can stay with a very expensive aluminum box in your hand.


Now, having studied this material, you know everythingpossible ways to disconnect from Apple ID any electronic gadget "apple company". Armed with this knowledge, you can safely get rid of an outdated gadget and go for a new one.

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