Kettle Redmond RK G127: characteristics, owner reviews

Let's dedicate today to the theme of a stylish kettleRedmond RK G127. Consider its characteristics, design, and most importantly - truthful feedback. Just note that the kettle is electric. Has automatic shut-off when boiling. This is what you need in homes without a gas stove. Of course, it fits, for example, employees in the enterprise. You can put the kettle on, go off on business and come back after a while, rather than wait for it to warm up. But is it worth it to take? We will find out about this later.

Device Characteristics

In the kettle you can pour a maximum of 1.7 liters of water. This is enough to treat 6-7 people with hot tea. The water level indicator will show how much it can be poured into the kettle, what volume is available at the moment. In this regard, the use of convenient. With regard to power consumption, the manufacturer assures that this value is 2.2 kW. In fact - 1,9 kW. As they say about the model Redmond RK G127 reviews, the water heats up pretty quickly. Undoubtedly, in such a model the heating element is a disk, not a spiral.

redmond rk g127

Many people are attracted by the unusual design of the kettle: it's almost all glass. Handle, stand, lid and bottom plastic. When the appliance turns on, the blue light on the bottom lights up. It looks very nice, especially when boiling. You can put out the light in the kitchen in the evening and admire.


Unfortunately, the kettle does not have much merit. but they can be listed again:

  • stylish design;
  • rapidity of heating;
  • high power;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • almost no noise when working;
  • a heating disc, which is undoubtedly better than a spiral;
  • you can pour a decent amount of water.

redmond rk g127 reviews

The model Redmond RK G127 can be purchased both in the stores of home appliances, and through online stores.


Unfortunately, the list of shortcomings is very large. Let's enumerate the main, and then move on to the specifics and recommendations:

  • the price is higher than the quality;
  • glass;
  • poor-quality assembly.

Most owners of the Redmond RK G127 are faced with problems of a different nature. Let's look at real examples:

  1. Do not buy such a model if you have a homeold people, children, disabled people. Remember that the case is almost completely glass? A hot glass is dangerous. Can seriously burn, and with careless handling there is a risk of breaking the device. The consequences can be sad.
  2. The assembly is of poor quality. True, the problems of all are different. What does it mean? Some devices after a time breaks the lid, others - it stops automatically turn off, the third - the indication disappears. How many elements in the kettle, so many problems.
  3. Many people have to pour water from the kettle over the sink, because the water spills past. Unfortunately, the manufacturer in the development of the spout did not take this fact into account.
  4. The kettle soon stops working after the purchase. The reason for this - poor-quality electrical wiring. It is necessary to fear also short circuit, ignition.
  5. Very short power cord.
  6. The filter mesh quickly clogs.
  7. The bottom is covered with rust.
  8. When boiling can crack glass, there are leaks on the bottom.

Disadvantages, judging by the reviews, cover the dignity. But, as it turned out, problems do not all arise. Perhaps, a good specimen came to happy people.

Is the game worth the candle?

If you have the means and you loveexperiments, you can safely buy a Redmond RK G127 teapot. Reviews of owners of this model warn potential buyers. But the choice is only for you. It is highly not recommended to buy the device in the event that you have small children. Health is much more important. For personal use, you can safely choose this model, but remember: you do not have to leave until the kettle turns off.

teapot redmond rk g127 reviews

In general, the model has proved itself well,Despite the large number of negative reviews. Redmond RK G127 is a common device now. Therefore, it can be found in almost any large household appliance store.

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