Certificate of divorce

Today, quite a lot of married couples,especially young people, is experiencing a procedure such as a divorce. Moreover, many of them go through this "blindly", not knowing the laws at all, and as a result they allow a large number of mistakes.

Often young it seems that having scattered inthey will be able to erase from memory all the unpleasant years, but then, after a while they realize that without having passed all the stages of the divorce in time, in particular, without getting a certificate of divorce, they again have to return to the past about which they so they wanted to forget. Of course, almost everything in this life is not critical and irreparable, but when you come into contact with what causes only bitterness, there remains an indelible mark on your soul.

Many mistakenly believe that their marriage is consideredlegally terminated from the moment when the judicial decision on divorce comes into legal force. However, this is not the case: according to the law, a divorce comes from the moment when a corresponding entry is made in the registry of the registry office, and the parties receive a certificate of divorce. Until then, their family union continues to exist.

A certificate of divorce is usually issuedafter the trial, in the registry office. Get it should both the former spouse, which is recorded in the register book. In the same place, changes are made in this document or, if lost, a new one is issued.

In the event that both parties agree to disperse andthey have no common children, they are bred there, and immediately issue the appropriate certificate of divorce, a sample of which is in every branch of the registry office.

If one of the parties is against divorce, then the divorce must occur in court. In the same place marriages between the husband and the wife having minor children are dissolved.

As a rule, many divorcees believe thatcertificate of divorce they do not need, and therefore do not receive it. But in life there are situations when one can not do without it. For example, without a divorce document, none of the former spouses can enter into an official new marriage, it may be necessary when obtaining a living space, when dividing an apartment, when moving to another country, etc.

A certificate of divorce can be obtained,by submitting a court decision, a statement and a receipt for payment of the state duty, the details and dimensions of which need to be specified in the Sberbank office. Each party pays for its own copy separately.

Sometimes after the trial, one of the spouses does notregisters his divorce in the registry office, unlike the other. And this means that he has no right to enter into a new union until he himself receives a certificate of divorce.

When the divorce is effected inZAGSe, then this body, which registers acts of civil status, verifies the fact of issuing a certificate of divorce to one of the spouses. And if it has already been given to one of the spouses, then, adding the missing record to the record, the second spouse is also given a similar document, with the same date as the first spouse. At the same time, there is no specific time limit for obtaining a certificate of divorce.

Sometimes in certain situations a personA re-certification is required. If he lives in the same city where the marriage was dissolved, there will be no problems. You just need to write a statement in the same registry office, where you registered for divorce, and present a receipt for payment of the fee.

There are cases when a divorce between spousesis issued abroad due to the fact that one of them is a citizen of the Russian Federation, and the other is a citizen of some other state. In such cases, a foreign certificate of divorce is issued, the transfer of which can be made later in specialized translation agencies.

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