Obtaining a license for weapons - from A to Z

It can not be said that we live in a quiet time. Until now, criminal chronicles are full of reports of robbery and hooligan attacks, and police statistics are replenished with the number of unsolved crimes. Therefore, you need to be able to stand up for yourself and your relatives in case of an attack

obtaining a license for weapons
intruders. This opinion is shared by most of our fellow citizens, and this explains the popularity of the simplest instruments of self-defense: bits, electric shockers, gas cartridges, not to mention pistols, revolvers and cold weapons. However, it is worth remembering that different types of weapons have different degrees of influence, and the carrying and storage of some of them requires a special permit.

Obtaining a license for weapons - the procedure is prettylong and time consuming, however, fortunately, not frequent - it must be done every 5 years. According to the federal law "On Arms", it is divided into 3 types: combat, service and civil.

obtaining a license for traumatic weapons
The latter, in turn, is also divided into several categories: weapon alarm, sports, for hunting and for self-defense. Theoretically, weapons for self-defense include:

1. Fire long-barreled guns with bullets of traumatic action;

2. Fireless bezstvolnye with traumatic, gas and light and sound cartridges;

3. Pneumatic pistols and revolvers, as well as canisters and sprayers;

4. Electroshockers and arresters.

When buying pneumatics and shockers, obtaining a license for weapons is not required. To traumatic carry only 2 first species, for self-defense.

Obtaining a license for traumatic weaponsis carried out in the licensing and permitting departments (URRR), which are in each ATS. The license is a form with a photograph on the back of which information about it is posted. The receipt of a license for weapons begins with the collection of the necessary documents, namely: copies of the passport, two black and white photographs 3 * 4, medical certificate on the passage of the medical examination form 046-1. They must be submitted to the OHRRU unit, and then the application must be filled out where necessary

procedure for obtaining a license for weapons
in detail and without abbreviations fill in all the fields. If the commission approves the decision, the applicant will receive a permit in about a month.

But obtaining a license for weapons is impossible withoutdemonstration of ensuring its safety, that is, in simple terms, you need to buy a safe safe, where you will store traumatism. The employee of URRD will inspect him for compliance with the standards, after which he will attach an opinion on the suitability for your application.

After your request is approved,it will be necessary in Sberbank to pay a small state fee (up to 200 r) and pass an examination on the rules of storage, use and transportation of weapons, as well as penalties for non-compliance with these rules. After obtaining a license, the acquired weapons must be registered there, it takes up to 2 weeks.

So, briefly repeat the procedure for obtaining a license for weapons:

1. Passage of medical examination in a polyclinic.

2. Photostudio - 2 b / w photo 3 * 4.

3. Withdraw the photocopy of the passport.

4. "Licensing" - the filing of an application.

5. Sberbank - payment of state duty.

6. Weapon shop - buying a gun.

7. Again, the Department of URRR - registration of weapons.

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