Shocker or gas balloon - what to choose for self-defense?

The right to defend oneself from aggression is natural andis inherent in any Russian. And the way to exercise this right is the personal choice of everyone. Someone is engaged in martial arts, someone gets a malicious dog, someone - gets permission for a traumatic or gas pistol.

What if none of these methods suit you? Buy an electric shocker or a gas can? What are the pros and cons of the most common unlicensed devices for self-defense?

Gas cartridges: the pros and cons

Gasballon (GB) is the simplest ofavailable self-defense devices. Cartridges are based on the action of tear gas - CS, CN, CR, "pepper" or their mixtures. Given the sufficient concentration of the active substance, GB are a very effective weapon. Their main advantages:

  • The low price is from 500-700 rubles. However, in general, the cans are designed for only one application, after which they will have to be discarded, as after the expiration date.
  • Compact and easy to use. For training to use gasball, a couple of training sessions will suffice, they practically do not occupy a place (the average size is 10x3 cm).
  • Ability to use at a distance - usually no more than 2 meters, but there are models that throw gas at 3 and more meters.

But even this weapon has a significant disadvantage: most GB are dangerous when defending indoors or outdoors in bad weather - you yourself can become a victim of your own "defender". In addition, many cans often work poorly at low temperatures - given the harsh Russian winters, this is a pretty big drawback.

Pros and cons of electric shocks

Electroshock is a weapon that hits an opponentdischarges of electricity of high voltage and low amperage. The shocker is not dangerous to life, but can neutralize the opponent, disorienting, stunning, paralyzing it, or (in the case of the most powerful models) - by knocking. Also electric shockers buy in order to scare off dogs, who are mostly afraid of high-frequency cracking of idle discharges.

The popularity of electric shocks is determined, first of all:

  • Instant effect. If the shocker will work - then immediately and for sure, wait from 3 to 10 seconds, as with a can, do not have to.
  • The opportunity to scare off the aggressor - a four-footed, and sometimes a two-legged.
  • Long service life. With proper care, the shocker is able to work for many years, besides, it does not need any consumables other than electricity.
  • Safety for the owner. Electroshock is a melee weapon, ideally suited for confined spaces: entrances, elevators, staircases, where most attacks take place. But the aggressor will have to come close, and this is risky.

As we see, there is no single-valued advantageshocker, no balloon, it all depends on the user's preferences. Gas cylinders will suit those citizens who prefer to eliminate the threat from afar, from a safe distance for themselves. And electroshocks are usually chosen by self-defenders who are confident in their abilities, have some skills in hand-to-hand combat and are not afraid to look at the threat directly in the eye - literally and figuratively.

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