Where can I get a child's birth certificate? List of required documents

How miraculous and magical this would bean event like the birth of a baby, but avoid legal procedures aimed at registering and registering the fact of the birth of the child will not work. Therefore, the newly-minted parents and wonder about where to get the birth certificate of the child. This is the very first and very important document in his life.

Date of birth of the child
In principle, there is nothing complicated in this procedure. But the one who does this for the first time, of course, is at a loss, because he does not know where to start. Let's sort it out, start in order.

Where can I apply for a child's birth certificate?

The institution that handles suchdocuments, is a registry office. But you need to apply to the registry office only at the place of registration of parents. Many young mothers and fathers think that any institution of this nature must give them the necessary document. But this is not so. For example, you can register a marriage in any registry office, but where to get a birth certificate for a child will depend on the registration of parents at their place of residence.

Application to the Registry Office

And one more important point - the time period allocated by the law to obtain a birth certificate, is one month. Therefore, you should not delay the campaign in the registry office.

List of documents

Where to get the birth certificate of the child, we found out, now we will talk about what is needed for this. You will need a number of documents, among which:

- certificate of birth of a child, which you should have been given in the maternity hospital at discharge;

- passport, it is provided by both parents;

- certificate of marriage (it is necessary in the event that your marriage is officially registered).

Documents of the newborn child

This is the whole list. As you can see, nothing complicated.

What to pay special attention to when receiving the documents of a newborn child

Registration of the birth certificate does not takea lot of time, most likely you can get it right away or the day after the filing of documents. And here is the long-awaited document in your hands! But suppressing the joyful emotions, carefully check all the information specified in the certificate. For example, the correct spelling of the child's surname, name and patronymic. Information about the parents, too, should not be ignored. And very important is the date of birth of the child. Read all these data very carefully and make sure there are no errors. Since after some time to fix them will be much more difficult.

Together with the birth certificate, employeesThe REGISTRY OFFICE will give you a certificate confirming the fact of the birth of the child (F.24). You will need it when registering a lump sum and other payments that you are entitled to. Do not lose it, because getting a duplicate will be harder.

Where to get a child's birth certificate

If your marriage is officially registered, thenAny parent can obtain a birth certificate. If not, then the presence of both fathers and mothers is strictly necessary, since it will be necessary to conduct the so-called establishment of paternity. After that, the father's data will be entered in the birth certificate.

This is all information about where to get a child's birth certificate and what is needed for this. The next step is to register the baby at the place of residence and get an insurance policy.

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