Licensing of certain types of activities: the concept, procedure, documents

To protect legitimate interestscitizens, cultural facilities and environmental protection, as well as to preserve the country's security, it was decided to license certain activities. The list of works and services for which a license is to be obtained and the procedure for such a procedure are stipulated in a special law.

licensing of certain types of activities

The concept of licensing

Licensing is a set of activities,which includes services for the issuance, suspension, re-registration and cancellation of licenses for various types of entrepreneurial activities. A license is a special document that authorizes a company or an individual entrepreneur to provide certain services or conduct a particular type of work on a legal basis. Such a document can be issued both in paper and in electronic (with digital printing) version.

Licensing of certain types of activities is carried out on the principle of a single economic space, openness and accessibility of information, compliance with the rule of law.

Activities that are subject to licensing

Now the license must be received for about 50 types of works and services. Here are some of them:

  • communication services;
  • extinguishing fires;
  • services in the field of education;
  • manufacturing, implementation and design of aviation equipment;
  • private security activities;
  • pharmaceutical activity;
  • disposal and storage of chemical weapons;
    obtaining a license
  • installation, design, maintenance, production, testing of firearms, military equipment and weapons;
  • maintenance, manufacture and installation of medical equipment;
  • manufacturing of medicines;
  • transportation of passengers;
  • space activities;
  • radio and television broadcasting;
  • services and work in other areas.

Licensing of certain types of activities is carried out by special bodies that have been accredited.

Documents for obtaining a license

In order to obtain permission to perform certain works or provide services, it is necessary to file such data:

licensing of certain activities

  1. Name of your company.
  2. Address and requisites of the organization.
  3. Kind (kinds) of activity of firm.
  4. Information on the registration of the enterprise in the tax inspection.
  5. Documents on payment of required state duties.
  6. Other data.

The order of licensing of certain types of activities

The head (representative) of the organization orindividual entrepreneur submits the documents to the licensing authority. The process of considering the issue of issuing a license takes about a month (longer periods are also possible). If, after analyzing the submitted data, the licensing commission will identify errors and shortcomings, obtaining a license will be delayed. The applicant will have to correct all of the above remarks and only after that submit the documents again.

The validity of such a document can not bebe less than 5 years. After the end of this time, the entrepreneur can apply for a renewal of the license. In some cases, the permit is issued for an unlimited period. Licensing of certain types of activities is carried out throughout Russia.

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