How to get in line at the kindergarten, so as not to wait for years?

The problem of lack of places in kindergartens is acutestands on the territory of our country. The capital is not an exception. The queue to a kindergarten in Moscow can reach huge proportions. It depends mainly on the area where the pre-school is located. During the construction of new residential areas, the creation of kindergartens and schools is not given enough attention. As a result, this situation is typical for all regions, densely populated areas with a large number of young families and small children are practically without children's institutions. There is a certain algorithm for how to get in line at the kindergarten. Observance of all the conditions will help to arrange the baby in the kindergarten before reaching the age of three, because it is during this period that the mother of the child must return to work.

how to queue up in a kindergarten

Choosing a garden

First you need to decide on that kindergarten,which you want to give the child. Typically, this is a preschool, located as close to home as possible. Indeed, it's very difficult to walk several days with the baby on rainy days. However, if a family has a car and one of the parents can take and take a child out of the garden every day, you can consider the gardens in the neighboring areas. The queue in them can be shorter than the one that is located next to the house. Sometimes you can apply at once to several kindergartens. About how to get in line in the kindergarten in this way, you will be told when accepting documents. At the same time, one of them will be considered the main one, while the other will be additional. If your turn to an additional garden fits more quickly, then the child can place it there. The queue to the kindergarten can also be determined by the condition of the kindergarten and its equipment. Institutions after major repairs and with a large staff of experienced educators and teachers are more popular with parents.

how to look the queue at a kindergarten

Preferential queue

Some categories of citizens of our country havethe right to an extraordinary or paramount enrollment of a child in a pre-school institution. These lists can be specified in the district administration or in the garden you have chosen. At the discretion of the authorities in the regions, the list approved at the federal level can be supplemented. Among parents whose children can qualify for an extraordinary or primary entry into the kindergarten are:

  1. disabled persons;
  2. those with 3 or more children;
  3. military personnel, prosecutors, police officers, judges;
  4. adoptive parents;
  5. single parents.

When submitting an application, you must always indicate that you are related to the preferential line, and provide the relevant documents confirming a certain status.

turn to kindergarten in Moscow

Submission of documents

Depending on the city, applications may becarried out in various state bodies. In most areas, there are special commissions, where parents will be told in more detail about how to queue up in a kindergarten. In order for the child to be included in the general waiting list, a package of documents must be submitted at the place where the application is submitted:

  1. a birth certificate for a baby (for reference) and a copy of it, sometimes two are required, so it's better not to waste time and do a few at once;
  2. a copy of the passport of one of the parents, the one who will subsequently write an application for the admission of the child to the kindergarten;
  3. documents that determine the status of beneficiaries.

The application for placing in the queue is written by one of the parents directly at the time of filing.

how to queue up in a kindergarten

After all the documents have been handed over, the childassigned a certain number in the queue, which is done by a special record. Parents are usually given a small ticket with a reminder of the date of the queue and the number assigned to the child. To give the child to kindergarten on time, you need to apply as early as possible. Most parents do this at once, as they will receive a birth certificate for the baby.

Waiting for a place

After the application of the parents beginsto worry about the question of how to look at the queue at a kindergarten. Currently, a special electronic queue operates in many regions. On the site you can apply in electronic form, as well as learn how the queue moves. In addition, you can find out the situation in the commission that deals with the distribution of children in the gardens for specific areas. Enrollment is usually conducted in April-May, so if during this period you are not called from the kindergarten, although the age of the baby is already close to three years, it is better to worry yourself and call the appropriate commission.

Decoration in the garden

If a happy event does happen, andthe child was enrolled in preschool, you will be called from the kindergarten and will tell you which documents you need to prepare to receive the child there. Most worries are caused by the medical card. To postpone this question it is not necessary, as to conclude the contract with a garden it is necessary usually up to the middle of August, and medical inspections - business troublesome and long.

The question of how to get into the queue at the kindergarten is very important, because the fact that mothers do it correctly and quickly will depend on the mother's ability to go to work on time.

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