Documents for IP discovery: what does it concern

It's no secret that entrepreneurship can beengage in even without the formation of a legal entity. How? It is necessary to register as an individual entrepreneur. Is it profitable for them? Yes of course. The reason is that the package of documents for the opening of the IP is not so great. Registration itself is relatively simple, and it will be easy to understand the taxes. There are, of course, minuses. First and foremost, it should be attributed to the fact that the entrepreneur risks losing his own property due to debts. Caution does not hurt, but the game is still worth the candle

Documents for IP opening

What documents for the opening of the IP shouldto prepare? The right to engage in entrepreneurial activity is available to many citizens of our country. The most important is that a person is legally capable, of age, does not consist of either state or military service, and is not deprived of such a right in court.

What documents are required to open an IP, wewe will list below Initially, we need to prepare a special statement. It is written in the form of P21001. You can do this not only in paper, but also in the electronic version.

In which registering body should it be submitted? Everything depends only on the place of residence of the entrepreneur himself. The specific address can be found on the Internet.

What other documents are needed to open the IP? You need a receipt, which you can get after paying the appropriate fee. The price, by the way, is not so great - only 800 rubles.

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It is also necessary to write a statement on the transition tospecific taxation system. Which one to choose? This is a completely different matter, not related to this topic. We only note that, if possible, entrepreneurs choose "simplified". Read articles on the relevant topic, or even better - contact specialists who are not only able to help deal with taxes, but also complete the registration process for you.

In addition to all this, the entrepreneur will have tosubmit to the registering authority a copy of the passport, TIN, and OKVED codes. These codes allow you to quickly determine what kind of activities are engaged in an entrepreneur. Their choice also needs to be approached thoroughly. Therefore, when drawing up a list, you need to think about everything in advance. The reason is that it's easier to create a list with unnecessary codes at once, than to change it later. The latter is also recommended only with the help of specialists.

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We can say that all the documents fordiscovery of IP. In principle, nothing else is needed. It is worth adding that after registration the entrepreneur will have to establish relations with off-budget funds. Does he have to make a seal? Not obliged, but still pay attention to the fact that modern entrepreneurs use it. It gives certain guarantees of security, and at the same time gives the entrepreneur a lot of solidity. Its price is not so great, and the usefulness of such a device is enormous.

Is it difficult to prepare documents for the IP? No, especially if you take the help of specialists.

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