Article on what documents are needed for pension registration

Men, whose age is approaching 60 years, andwomen - to 55, can begin to collect documents to issue a pension for old age. Of course, they can continue to work, if health allows and work into joy. As a rule, few people know what documents are needed to register a pension. After reaching the retirement age, running around for instances, and clarifying the procedure for entering a well-deserved rest. Until this time, somehow you do not think about the fact that there will be a long search period before the documents are collected.

Well, if a person has worked his whole life inone in two places. He will not be able to prepare documents. And if there were ten or twenty jobs, then you will have to run and look for those firms and molds, which, most likely, are no longer there. Therefore, you need to know exactly what documents are needed to complete the pension in the fullest possible extent.

The first instance to which to applya citizen, upon reaching the retirement age, enters the local pension department where he is registered, or at the place of his actual residence or stay. You can apply any day after he has a pension right.

Required documents:

  1. On the letterhead written application for an old-age pension;
  2. Certifying document - passport or military ticket; if the child, the age that has not reached the age of 14, is a confirming certificate;
  3. A photocopy or the original of the work record book, where the work record is fixed;
  4. A certificate of average earnings for a period of 60 months, and in a row. There is a special form of information on wages for the calculation of pensions.
  5. If there is a privilege, then the document confirming it. Usually this document is a work record.
  6. Pension insurance certificate.

Individual cases provide for documents if it is required to establish disability or some degree of restrictions.

As discussed above, men and women who have reachedrespectively 60 and 55 years old and having an insurance record of more than five years, must submit an application for the registration of a pension for a month before reaching the required age. If the filing of documents took place after the retirement age, the pension will be accrued on the day of application.

Now we know what documents are needed forregistration of pension. In the event that there is not enough information, the pension fund gives time to be informed. Three months is an ample time for filing missing documents. When submitting documents during this time, the pension will be appointed from the date of receipt of the main package, if later, the pension period will begin to count from the date of submission of the latest certificates. But there is such a moment here. With the consent of the pensioner, accruals can begin from the first days, and only then, when the certificates are brought, there will be an increase in the pension, in accordance with the added documents. That is, the recalculation will be made.

In order to formalize your pension with a benefit,that is, men in 50-55 years, and women in 45-50, depending on the degree of harmfulness of production, it was enough to work out a certain number of years before. At present, the certification commission will accurately calculate the degree of harmfulness in the workplace - from their decisions will depend on which group of employees can go on early retirement: for the first or second. This will also determine the size of the pension.

To find out what documents are needed forregistration of a pension on a "hot grid", it is better to apply to a pension fund. Perhaps you do not get such a pension. There are controversial professions, for example, a welder. Somewhere, personnel officers have mixed up the name of one and the same profession, and as a result they pay the pensioner. If the work book says "electric gas welder", then this is normal, and you can expect early retirement, if "gas-electric welder", then you have to prove your right in court here. Most likely, to achieve an early pension will not succeed. It will simply not be possible to collect all the certificates confirming the harmfulness of the profession.

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