Going on a trip. International driving license

When a person is used to being mobile, he wantsTo remain so not only at home, but also in foreign travel. More and more often our tourists are not limited to package tours with their organized excursions, but think through their own route, easily moving between different cities and countries. To do this, all you have to think about is an approximate route of travel and rent a car. And here it is worth remembering the existence of such a document as an international driver's license, or International Driving Permit.

international driving license

Some of our citizens think that their Russianrights is an international driver's license, but it's not. To drive a car abroad, you need to receive an additional document. True, if you are traveling to the countries of the former Soviet Union, you can limit yourself to internal rights. But in more than two hundred countries of the world you must have an international driver's license with you. Of course, if you're lucky, you'll be able to find small offices engaged in rental cars that will close their eyes to the lack of International Driving Permit. Or you can go on a trip by car and do not worry about renting. But in the case of an accident or if you have violated the rules of the road, the lack of an international driving license will not be a testimony in your favor. And this is important.

international driving license

Registration of the international driver's licenseyou will not need to take any additional exams. International Driving Permit is the translation of your rights into the basic languages ​​of the United Nations, of which there are only eight: English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese. You just need to contact the traffic police and provide a package of documents, which includes such papers:

- passport or other document proving the identity of the applicant and the presence of his registration at the place of residence;

- the original of the current driving license;

- application in the prescribed form;

- driver's card;

- medical certificate (original and copy);

- Matte photo size of 35 * 45 mm (black and white or color);

- receipt of duty payment.

The state fee for issuing internationalrights is one thousand rubles. To date, you can not stand in lines at the traffic police, and make an application through the portal of government services, and then bring all the documents at the appointed time.

International driving licenseis considered valid for three years. However, if your internal rights expire earlier, then International Driving Permit will have to be replaced. And if you lost your Russian driver's license, moved or changed your surname, the international certificate will also need to receive another.

registration of the international driver's license

So, you have already received international rights and have alreadycollect things on the trip. Do not forget to take a domestic driving license, in many situations, you need to show these documents abroad together. So, a foreign cop can compare photos on the rights with your face and make sure that you can really drive.

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