How to get a license for educational activities: where and what documents to submit

For entities providing services in the sphere oftraining with the involvement of teaching staff, a state license for educational activities is mandatory. The issuance of this permission is carried out in a strictly established legislative order. Let's consider further, how to obtain a license for educational activities.

how to obtain a license for educational activities

Who is required to have a permit?

License for the right to conduct educational activities it is necessary:

  1. Preschool institutions.
  2. To schools.
  3. Vocational training institutions. They include universities, colleges, schools, etc.
  4. Organization of additional education. This category includes courses, different linguistic centers for adults and children.
  5. Institutions of other forms of education and training.


Legislation establishes a list of cases when it is not necessary to obtain a license. Such exceptions include:

  1. Single seminars, lectures, after which certification is not carried out and certificates are not issued on official forms.
  2. Entrepreneurs who personally give individual lessons without the involvement of other teachers. In particular, we mean private speech therapists, tutors, etc.

The complexity of the process

Before how to obtain a license for educational activities, an institution needs topreparatory activities. The regulation, which regulates the process of issuing a permit, provides for certain conditions for interested parties. The necessity of their compliance makes the whole procedure quite laborious and long-lasting. It is worth saying that from the date of registration of the organization and until the time of obtaining a license, it may take several months. At the same time, the collection of necessary securities is by far not the most difficult stage.

Before how to obtain a license for educational activitiesshould carefully consider the requirements forroom, teaching staff, equipment, training programs. Their set will depend on the type of organization, the age of the students, the time that they will be in the class. Special attention should be given to sanitary and fire regulations, methodological recommendations for the development of programs. An obligatory stage is the formation of the preliminary schedule.

license for the right to conduct educational activities

The room

It is not enough for an educational institution to have onlylegal address. The institution needs a room that corresponds to the objectives of the activity and all the established norms. Depending on the type of institution may be required to a minimum number of rooms, size, the availability of individual entrances, the state of the territory, etc.

The interested entity will have toindependently study SNiPs and SanPiNs, select the appropriate prescriptions for a particular type of activity and select a room. It will need to be brought into the proper form. To do this, make repairs using the recommended materials, set the alarm, provide the necessary temperature regime and so on.

After the end of all work, employees are invitedGospozhnadzor and SES. They conduct an audit and make a conclusion on safety. Do not forget that equipment, furniture, inventory must also meet the requirements. All goods that are purchased must have a certificate. If it is supposed to provide students with food, it is necessary to separately equip the kitchen and the room for eating. Compliance with their standards is checked by Rospotrebnadzor.

term of validity of a license for educational activities

Programs and staff

A license is issued to an institution only atcompliance with all established requirements. These include, among other things, the availability of training programs. For a person who has never done this, it's difficult to develop them yourself. The fact is that all programs must comply with the GEF. Their composition can be entrusted to teachers admitted to the state. In extreme cases, you can take as a model the plans of other institutions, or draw under the contract an experienced methodologist.

Each program must be approved by the signature of the organization's management. Before You Submit application for a license for educational activities, it is necessary to form a teachingcomposition. The qualifications, length of service and other characteristics of employees are confirmed by the relevant papers. In addition, you should buy methodical and educational literature, technical equipment.

Required papers

So how to obtain a license for educational activities can only be a registered subject, the authorized body should present:

  1. Notarized copy of the Charter.
  2. Decision on the formation of the legal entity or on making changes to the constituent documents.
  3. The OGRN. If there were changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, an extract is presented. All these papers need to be certified by a notary.
  4. St.Nov.

temporary license for educational activities


The above securities are accompanied by:

  1. Legal documentation for construction / premises and territory (if the institution occupies the whole building). This may be a lease agreement, the right to property, etc.
  2. Approved by the Director of the curriculum. If necessary, they are coordinated and certified with a specialized institution.
  3. Educational plans. They indicate the type of education, the name of the program, the time of its development, the level, the teaching staff.
  4. Information about the employees. In particular, copies of labor books and diplomas are presented.
  5. A certificate certifying the material and technical security of the activity. It is drawn up on a form approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, and signed by the head.
  6. Sanitary conclusion on the suitability of the premises for training. It is issued by Rospotrebnadzor.
  7. Document on the availability of conditions for providing food, ensuring the health of students (if necessary).
  8. Act of Gospozhnadzor.
  9. A copy of the receipt confirming the payment of the fee.

application for a license for educational activities

If a license is issued for a structural subdivision, an additional decision is attached on its creation, as well as a statement on the state registration and the Regulations on the organization of its work.

Where to go?

The above papers are submitted to the authorizedbody together with a statement and a copy of the head's passport. Materials can be brought in person or sent by mail. The authorized body may be a regional, republican, regional ministry, committee or Department of Education. A similar procedure is established forentrepreneurs providing training services with the involvement of teachers. For them, in the list of securities there will be no constituent documentation. All other activities are similar to those performed by a legal entity. It should be noted, however: registrars claim that an entrepreneur to obtain a license is much more difficult than an organization.


Department of Education Accepts paper by inventory and delivers a mark. The process of issuing authorization takes place in several stages:

  1. Within three days, specialists checkdocumentation for correctness and completeness of filling. In case of errors, it is returned to the subject for correction. In this case, a period is set during which the revision can be carried out. It is not more than a month.
  2. If there are no claims to securities, thestage of inspections. The specialists study the reliability of the information, the compliance of the actual conditions with the requirements of the license. For this purpose, on-site inspections can be carried out. They must be agreed with the applicant and not violate his interests.
    documents for license renewal

Within 60 days a decision is made ongranting permission or refusing to do so. The flow of this period begins with the date of registration of the application. If the experts recognize the inexpediency of issuing a permit based on the results of the audit, the relevant person is sent an appropriate response. The grounds for the refusal must be indicated in it. It is worth noting that the dissatisfaction with the application is allowed in the event that the information that was provided is untrue, or the conditions created by the subject are not suitable for conducting educational activities. The interested entity can challenge the refusal of the authorized structure in court. The validity of the license for educational activities is unlimited. However, the bodies of the Ministry of Education and Science may suspend or revoke it in the event that a legal entity or an entrepreneur violates the prescribed regulations.

Re-registration of a license for educational activities

It may be required when:

  1. The need to supplement the permission granted earlier with information on the addresses of the provision of services in the field of training, on branches or training programs.
  2. Change the location or name of the institution.
  3. The emergence of a new institution in the reorganization of the legal entity.
  4. Termination of the implementation of training programs.

Re-registration of a license for educational activities will require additional securities frominterested person. For example, during reorganization, it will be necessary to present an appropriate decision, extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, a new charter. The law also provides for a temporary license for educational activities. It is issued for a year. Such permission is necessary for legal entities providing training services that have arisen in connection with the reorganization of the institution in the form of separation or separation.

In some cases, the entity may extend the license. The law establishes the conditions under which this is allowed. In documents for the renewal of the license will need to include a paper that confirms the presence of a previously issued permit. In practice, such a procedure is rarely resorted to. As a rule, the interested parties carry out the renewal of the license.

 state license for educational activities

A responsibility

The complexity of the procedure for obtaining a licenseoften becomes a cause of violation by many organizations and entrepreneurs of legislative requirements. Meanwhile, work without permits permits:

  1. Administrative liability in the form of recovery from 2 thousand rubles. (for individuals) to 50 thousand (for organizations).
  2. Punishment in the form of a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles, up to 5 years of imprisonment with a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles.

These types of liability are envisagedFor commercial organizations that provide educational services without a license. As for state institutions, they have no other choice but to work with the permission of the Ministry of Education and Science. If the educational institution has committed a violation of the law, the Code of Administrative Offenses (Article 19.20, part 1) establishes a fine. Its value is up to 250 thousand rubles. It is worth saying that the consequences that come with the admission of violations are incommensurable with the efforts that must be made to obtain a license.

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