How to change the rights

Life does not stand still: we change the surname, open a new driver's category, lose the documents, or they come into disrepair. In all cases, you need to change the rights. This procedure is the same in all regions of the country. You just need to have a registration at your place of residence or stay.

The addresses of the units that issue and changerights, hours of their work can be found on the website of the traffic police. There are also forms of receipts for payment of state duty. The amount of duties and requisites will be told by the traffic police or specialists in the Savings Bank.

What documents will be required?

If you decide to change the rights, then preparebeforehand document. Of course, you can first go to the office for the replacement of rights and find out what is required for this. But we advise you immediately to come with a ready-made package - this will save a lot of time.

change one's rights

You need to provide:

  • application for a driver's license, indicate the reason for the replacement;
  • a document that proves the identity (usually a passport);
  • medical certificate of health (should be marked "suitable for driving"), there may indicate some conditions (for example, in glasses or lenses);
  • a document where you can see the registration (or temporary registration);
  • photo;
  • a document on driving instruction or an unusable driving license;
  • receipt (payment for the manufacture and issuance of new rights).

where to change the rights in Moscow
Help that you have passed the driving course, notis required. If you handed out an external or lost this document, submit a bold packet without it. The photo is needed for paper certificates, if you want to change the rights to plastic, then you will make a photo in the traffic police department.

The package of documents should be attributed to the traffic police at the reception hours. They will say when you need to come for new rights.

Some features

Driver's license, received before January1992 in the Union republic of the USSR, change to Russian without passing exams. Similarly, it is possible to change the rights issued in the CIS republics. A citizen of the Russian Federation who received a driving license in another country must pass an examination on the theory of driving and submit the necessary documents.

How to change the rights to international
The driver may be given a temporary form that will be valid for two months if his papers require verification, or it takes time to collect references and information from other states.

Old rights are withdrawn and canceled, except for international driving permits.

Change of surname

The procedure is formal, but it is worth to come to the traffic police. Documents require a medical certificate, a passport, an old driver's license, a marriage certificate, a payment document. If you do not know where to change the rights in Moscow, go to the website of the traffic police - there is all the necessary information.

Overdue driver's licenses

If you stop the inspector, then a fine can not be avoided. But if you come to the traffic police, the replacement of rights will be standard.

If you have any questions, or you do not know,how to change the rights to international, we advise you to turn to the help desk or to the official website of the traffic police. In the normative documents there is a substantial information from the first mouth. It will help to make a replacement quickly.

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