How to claim a refund for a phone?

Buyers can protect their ownrights and interests. Next, you will learn how to make a claim for a refund. For example, for the phone. This document serves as a means of protecting the interests of the buyer. Therefore, they should not be neglected. There are rules, adhering to which, you can easily return money for this or that purchase. So how is the claim of the established sample drawn up? What should everyone know about the process?


To begin with, it is necessary to understand what kind of paper is being talked about. What is called a claim? As already mentioned, this is a document that allows the population to protect their interests and rights.

how to claim a refund

Thus, the claim for a refund of cashmeans is a means of protecting the buyer. This is a kind of business type letter that does not have any significant features. Is a way of pre-trial proceedings with organizations. But not everyone understands how to make a claim for a refund. Therefore, this process will be discussed a little later.

Law on Consumer Protection"

It is important to remember that not always claimstake place. The point is that the buyer can recover money for any purchase, if he observes the law "On protection of consumers' rights". It specifies the rules for the purchase of goods. If they are violated, you can make a claim and return money for the phone.

If the law protecting the rights of buyers is notthe corresponding organization is unlikely to react to the statement. After all, for any complaints must be grounds. Sometimes the blame for the violation of the rights of the buyer lies precisely on who buys a mobile phone. This fact will have to be taken into account.

Key recommendations

Suppose that there are grounds for complaint. How to make a claim for a refund in this case?

how to claim a refund for a phone

It is not too difficult to do this. Especially if the citizen already worked with business correspondence. It is enough to follow the basic rules of writing a document.

More precisely, we are talking about the following norms:

  • the text should be logical;
  • information is submitted in business style;
  • in the claim there should be neither jargon nor profanity;
  • the document is concise and clear.

Accordingly, it is necessary to state only facts and information that can influence the decision of the organization. No unnecessary data should not be.

Components of the document

How to claim a refund for a phone? To do this, it will be necessary to understand that this document has a certain structure. Its implementation greatly facilitates the task.

To date, the claim, like any other business document, consists of:

  • "caps";
  • denomination;
  • the main part;
  • conclusion.

It is easier to obey such a structure than it seems. Next, I will discuss in more detail each component of the claim. Only this way it will be possible to make up paper 100% correctly.

how to claim a refund for a phone sample

On the "cap"

A huge role is played by the design of the "cap". This is part of a business letter that does not have any significant relevance to the case. I'll have to write:

  • the name of the organization (preferably with the address) to which the document is sent;
  • Name of the company manager (optional);
  • information about the applicant - surname, name, patronymic, city of residence;
  • contact details for communication with a citizen - telephone, address, e-mail.

In this sequence, one or another information is written. It is made in the upper right corner of the page. Each item is a new line.

How do I make a claim for a refund? After the "cap", as already said, you must specify the name of the paper. It is desirable with specification. In the center of the page write "Claim." And under this word - the reason for the treatment of a citizen. In our case, this is the "Refund claim for the phone."

About the main part

The most important component is the main part of the document. How can you put this task into practice? How do you write a claim? For this, the main part of it will have to tell about:

  • cost of goods;
  • circumstances that preceded the purchase;
  • reason for refund;
  • the amount you want to return.

It is desirable to refer to the legislation when expressing dissatisfaction. If there are any facts or evidence, they will have to be mentioned.

How to write a claim for a refund for the phone after checking the quality of the device? It is necessary to carry out an examination (independent), and attach its results to the document.

how to claim a refund for a phone after repair

The list of attached securities is drawn up by a separate item following the main part. It must be numbered without fail.


Now it is clear how to make a claim onrefund of money for the phone. After repair or purchase of goods - it's not so important. The main thing is that the principles of writing and writing the paper remain the same.

The conclusion of the document is the date it was written, as well as the signature of the applicant. Usually with this component there are no problems. Therefore, it is often not considered a part of the claim.


How to claim a refund forphone? The sample proposed below is just a template for the main part of the treatment. Changing it, you can count on a refund in one or the other way.

how to write a claim for a refund for the phone after checking the quality

It looks like this:

"I, (F.I.O.), passport data), bought a mobile phone (a model of the goods) in the store (the name of the organization) on April 15, 2010, at a cost of 6,000 rubles, which is confirmed by a check. After checking the health of the gadget, it turned out that the battery is almost empty. The seller explained that it's enough to charge the device at home, and everything will be fine. The phone was given a guarantee for 12 months, which is confirmed by the relevant document.

Having charged the phone (model) at home, I found thatthe battery still does not work - it is charged at 1/3 for any duration of charging. I conducted an independent examination, the results of which revealed that the battery of the smartphone was initially defective.

Please return me money of $ 6000 rubles paid for the phone (device model), as well as 3,000 rubles for conducting an independent examination. Proof of the procedure and its cost are attached. "

Now it is clear how to write a claim for a returnmoney for the phone. If the phone does not fit, then it is unlikely to return it to the store. Especially when it comes to the long use of the gadget (more than 14 days). In fact, everything is easier than it seems!


How do I make a claim for a refund? Now the answer to this question will not keep you waiting! The procedure is not difficult, any citizen can cope with it.

how to write a claim for a refund for a phone if the phone did not come up

Respond to the letter must within 10 days of receipt of the complaint. Otherwise, a citizen has the right to protect his interests and rights in court or Rospotrebnadzor.

Following all of the above instructions, you can make up any claim. For this paper, the general rules for registration are relevant.

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