How to file for alimony? Questions and answers.

Love comes and goes, and along with her passing, family happiness also collapses. Mother,

how to file for alimony
left alone, not always able to providetheir children with everything necessary. And then something needs to be decided on the financial well-being of children. The question arises as to how to file for alimony. Let's consider some of the most common questions about alimony and try to give clear answers to them.

Question 1. How to apply for alimony?

Answer. Of course, I would like to say that the best way to resolve this issue is to come to an agreement peacefully. Do not do anything with evil. You should calm down your emotions and calmly talk about the amount and in what order will be paid to children before their majority. But, alas, frankly, in this way the problem is solved only by a small part of divorcing married couples. The solution of the question is already different. It is necessary to file a statement of claim.

how to apply for alimony
There is another option for recovery of alimony. If you have not already divorced, then when applying for a divorce, you will need to petition for recovery of alimony for children in the petition part of the statement of claim.

It should be remembered that if you are still officiallyare still married, you still have the right to child support, since both parents should be engaged in the maintenance of underage children, regardless of whether they are married or not.

Question 2. How to Apply for Alimony?

Answer. The application must be accompanied by: a certificate of marriage, birth certificates of all children, an extract from the house book and a receipt confirming payment of the state duty.

The collector of alimony must personally subscribe toapplication. If for some reason the recoverer himself can not do this, then the document must be signed by his representative who has a notarized power of attorney.

Question 3. how file for alimony? Where can I apply?

how to apply for alimony
A statement of claim must be filed in court onplace of residence of the former spouse. If the recoverer is not aware of this issue and the defendant hides information about where he lives, the plaintiff can apply at the place of his registration.

If you do not know where your ex worksspouse, do not worry. You just need to apply to the bailiffs. There are situations when they do not want to understand this issue: either they do not find the time for you, or refuse at all. In this case, contact your lawyer. He will certainly help you: either collect all the information about the defendant himself, or force the bailiffs to work, because this is their direct duty.

Question 4. Usually the defendant to collect child support is the former husband, but how to file for alimony for his wife?

Answer. Yes, although not often, but there are situations when the upbringing of children falls on the man's shoulders. And at this point men are also wondering how to file for alimony to their father. Do they have the right to do this? Naturally, men have the same right as women, if after the divorce they are engaged in the upbringing of children. They are also entitled to receive monthly payments of 25% of the salary for one child, one third for two, and 50% of the salary for three or more children.

Do not panic, the lawyer will help you figure it out.

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