Privatization of the apartment - documents and other nuances of the process

During privatization, municipal or state property is transferred to the ownership of the organization or to a private person.

apartment privatization documents
This can happen for a fee,and free of charge. The history of privatization of housing in Russia originates in 1991, at that time the law "On the privatization of housing in the Russian Federation" was adopted by the government. With its release in the country, the official sale-purchase of housing began to emerge.

Why is this necessary?

According to statistical data, about 80% of Russiancitizens have formalized the privatization. The benefits of this action is obvious. Becoming a sovereign master of square meters, you have every right to dispose of them as you see fit. The apartment can be given, rented to its tenants or bequeathed to someone you want. Privatization of the apartment imposes on its owner the obligation to pay a certain tax to the treasury of the state (in addition to the utility payments standard for all tenants). Today, its amount is about 2% of the inventory price of housing. And this price, it should be noted, is several times lower than the market price, so the amount is not that prohibitive. In many cases, to be the owner of your home is much more profitable than a simple employer.

So, you realized that your option is privatization of the apartment. Required documents that you need to collect:

  • In the passport office of your housing office form form number 3.
  • There you need to issue a technical passport for the apartment.
  • In the Housing Committee a statement is written, all the members of your family who have reached adulthood will be required to verify it with their signatures.
  • If you were previously registered for any otheraddress, you will need an additional certificate stating that you did not use the right of privatization. The document should list all members of the family and show the calendar dates of registration, as well as extracts.
    privatization of apartment required documents

Now the actual privatization of the apartment begins, the documents are partially collected, but a number of other conditions will have to be met.

Some subtleties of privatization

Remember that you must give consent to the procedure.all family members who are registered on these meters. If the condition of the living area is emergency or it is located in the emergency house, and also intended for demolition, it will be impossible to privatize the apartment. Documents for redevelopment, if implemented, should be on your hands, otherwise the work can be considered illegal and refused to privatize. If you have children under 18, remember that they must certainly participate in the procedure. If a minor child has been discharged from your apartment, more than six months must pass from that day.

It will be necessary to collect some more documents. Privatization of the apartment is impossible without a certificate from the BTI. Within a month from the date of application, specialists will have to evaluate the living space. Approximately 14 days will take a certificate from the housing office, which provides information about those people who are registered in the apartment. If among them there are children under 18 years of age, it will be necessary that the privatization of the apartment, the documents from the guardianship authorities, take place. Such permission does not expire within a month from the date of receipt.

In the housing department are issued (in the presence of all potential participants of the operation "privatization of the apartment") documents on privatization, namely, the contract. Its compilation takes from 7 to 14 days.

documents apartment privatization

Having a ready contract on hand, one should turn toto the Office of the Regional Federal Service. There you can get a certificate of the rights of the owner of this housing. Now it remains only to put the privatized apartment on the account in the BTI.

In the privatization procedure there is nothing complicated,most of the required certificates are prepared in a short time, and any of the adult members of the family can deal with this issue if they have birth certificates and passports of other participants in the process.

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