Obtaining rights after deprivation, loss or theft

Driving license is necessarya document for all motorists. But with rights, anything can happen: loss, theft or deprivation. If you have had such a nuisance, then you should know how to return your driver's license.

Document recovery after theft or loss

If you lose your driver's license, it is advisable to try them first

acquiring rights
to find. Many drivers drop a card under the seat of the car or lose in the apartment. Do your best to find the identity card. Believe me, this is much easier and faster than restoring the document through the traffic police. If you are not missing or you are sure that the document was stolen, you can proceed with its restoration.

The acquisition of rights implies the extraditionduplicate of the previous certificate. The old will then be considered invalid. First you should contact the traffic police with a passport, medical certificate and a written application. After the acceptance of the application you will be given a temporary permit, allowing you to drive the vehicle. Obtaining rights to the traffic police can only be expected after two months.

For a temporary permit you will have to pay 500 rubles. Of course, you can refuse, but then before issuing permanent rights you will have to refuse to travel on the transport as a driver.

Obtaining rights after deprivation

obtaining rights after deprivation
If you for some reason are deprived ofdriver's license, then before the court decision you will also be given temporary rights. Only they will act until the judge does not pass sentence. Then you will receive your certificate back or you will not be able to drive the car for a set period of time. In this case, the temporary permission will be withdrawn from you.

When the term of punishment ends, youyou need to contact the traffic police department and write a statement. You will need to provide a passport and medical certificate with permission to drive the vehicle. If you have any problems or difficulties in this matter, then you should seek assistance from a lawyer.

Many drivers are interested in the question,it is possible to obtain the rights before the end of the term after deprivation. You can not get a driving license before the deadline. But in your competence to appeal the decision of the court. To do this, you will need to write a counterclaim and provide evidence of your innocence. It is possible that the DPS officer "fucked" to you, although you observed the rules, or the accident was not your fault. Try to collect as much evidence and witnesses as possible. If there is a financial opportunity, then entrust this matter to an experienced lawyer. He will be able to protect your rights in court and reduce the term of punishment.

If you are in trouble, as a result of which you lost your driving license.

Obtaining rights in the State Automobile Inspection
rights, do not contact firms that promise replacementdocument. For your money (and considerable) you will be given a fake ID. Obtaining rights will take a little time if the DPS officer checks your documents for the database.

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