Child registration. How to do it right?

Registration at the place of residence istoday is an obligatory and necessary procedure that allows us to live fully. Everyone knows that it's quite difficult to get a job without permanent registration, and when such a document is not in your hands, alas, many resort to the use of temporary registration, registration, but this does not make their lot much easier. The procedure for withdrawing from registration or reissuing it takes, as a rule, five calendar days. This is a simple process. After submitting an application and filling out the necessary documents, you will receive this important document.

And how is the registration of the child after his birth? This is a question that interests all young parents.

In order for your child to receivefree medical care, he needs a document such as an insurance policy. And to get it you need to register. When registering the baby in kindergarten, you will also need a residence permit. If the child is the second child, you must present a certificate of the place of registration in order to receive the maternity capital and monthly allowances.

Registration of the child by place of residenceis made much easier than adult citizens. It does not require the consent of already registered citizens in this residential area. Under Article 20 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a person who has not reached the age of majority is registered in the same place as his parents or guardians, adoptive parents. If the parents are not registered at the same address, then the child is registered at one of the addresses by agreement with the spouse (s). For this, the consent of third parties is not necessary, only two documents are needed: a passport of the father or mother (depending on whose address the child is registered) and the birth certificate of the child.

If the child is registered at the address of the mother's residence, then her presence will be mandatory. She personally signs the necessary documents at the passport office.

We will complement the answer to the question of how theregistration of a newborn child at the place of residence. Until the age of 6 months you will have time to issue all the necessary documents. It will be necessary to register a son (daughter) in the local registry office, get a birth certificate there, you need to present a certificate from the medical institution about the birth of the child, also the mother and father's passport, the original certificate of marriage. After you have received the necessary documents from the registry office, you are applying to the passport office with them. Before this, always contact the FMS - Migration Service, for the registration of the Russian citizenship (will be stamped in his birth certificate). Then the specialists of the passport service write down information about the newborn child in the parents' passports. As you have noticed, registering a child is a simple and time-consuming process. All is made out in a matter of days.

It should be noted that the seal on registrationthe child at the place of propiska of parents DOES NOT START in his one of the first documents, namely the birth certificate. There is no such rule and law, however some passport services resort to such requirements. The birth certificate is quite an important document that is given to us in a single copy for life, so it must be properly issued, and errors in its design are by no means admissible.

After reading this article, you learned more about howand when it is necessary to register your child after his birth, what documents will be needed in this important process, which state institutions should be treated and how to do it correctly. Registering a child is important for both parents and the baby. Have time to do it.

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